You Beauty Advent Calendar 2014! Days 11-17

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Not long to go until Christmas now and the treats in my Advent Calendar keep getting better and better!

11th December

On the 11th I opened my calendar to see the Vita Liberata 2-3week tan!

Very excited for this! 

I once got given a sachet of this in a Glossybox...and obviously never used it because as if a sachet could cover my whole body!

I plan to add the sachet to this tube and shake it all up together!

It even came with a mitt!
(I personally tan with latex gloves though not with a mitt - but still handy!)

So excited!

This retails for £38 for 150ml so I guess £19 for this 75ml tube!

12th December

The 12th December door excited me SO MUCH!

I have heard so much about this GlamGlow TingleExfoliate treatment/mask but the regular size pot retails for £50 for 50g so I just can't justify it.

This bottle is 15ml and retails for £19

I tried it out...and I love it! It seeps into your pores so you can see all the dots on your nose (ew) and it goes so so tight that you can't even move your face.

I must be doing something right...right?

13th December

The door for day 13 was pretty big...and I was pleased to see a full size Sally Hansen nail treatment behind it.

This Nail Rehab fills in ridges and conceals damage.
It also apparently dries to a ultra hard shield that defends against breaking, tearing and peeling.

My nails do peel sometimes so I will give this a go!

It just looks like a pale pink natural colour, so would be good for anyone who just likes natural looking nails but wants the strength!

14th December

On the 14th I got a volume blow dry lotion!

I am quite excited to use this as my hair is quite limp and flat because its so fine.

This is for fine hair so I will see how it goes!

This retails at about £3...

15th December

On the 15th I got perfume...

now perfume is a very personal thing.

I wear Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone

When I first smelt this I didn't think I liked it because I couldn't work out what it was.

Then I realised it smells just like fresh ripe peaches...and I actually really like it.

Especially for spring and summer.

Apparently it is meant to smell like figs...but I deffo think it smells of peaches.

The smell doesn't last a super long time, so that is a bit of a flaw, but I like the scent.

16th December

Another big door!

And eyelash curlers!

I already have MAC eyelash curlers but I actually think the quality of these seems better.

They are quite springy...if that makes sense so I don't think you would get a crease line.

You also get spare rubber pads!

This retails for £12

17th December

On day 17 I was excited to see a lipbalm behind the door.

My lips are really chapped at the moment and this one sounds very promising.

The only thing is it has rose wax in it and it literally tastes like how an old lady's house smells.

My first disappointing product :( I just don't like the smell and taste.

This retails for £11 so pretty pricey for a lipbalm.

I wish I liked it!

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