Winter Essentials

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

When the weather gets colder you definitely need to switch up your beauty (and other) routine. 

Below is how I switch mine up and a list of my Winter Essentials!


The first thing you definitely need in winter is a good lipbalm! My lips get really chapped, so I recommend:

The softlips cube is really moisturising but I think you can only get them in the USA. Although if you are really keen you can get them for £10 on ebay! Ouch!

I also use the Nivea Raspberry Rose lipbalm. This is in a tin, so not as practical as you have to get it on your finger. It tastes and smells delicious, but isn't quite as moisturising as the softlips cube.

I have my eye on the Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm but at £20 that is pretty steep!

Or of course the Creme de la Mer lip balm...£42 though! That would hurt!

I'll stick with my nivea and softlips cube I think!


You need a good face moisturiser every day of the year but especially the winter months!

I currently use the L'Oreal Skin Perfection plus their serum which I do like. I also use the Enchanted Eye Cream from Lush although I don't think its anything special.

I really want to try the Hope in a Jar cream from Philosophy, as I'm so impressed with their face wash.

Once I've run out of the L'Oreal one I think I'm going to switch over to Philosophy to give them a try!

If anyone has a really good eye cream then please let me know your recommendation!

Body Moisturiser

My legs have a tendancy to get really dry in the winter but I have a tendancy to not want to moisturise as its cold when I get out the shower!!

Therefore I really enjoy moisturisers that are easy to use.

Specifically the Vaseline spray and the Nivea in Shower Moisturiser.


In the winter sometimes you need a little pick me up to make you feel all glowey and lovely again. 

I used to use sunbeds but I quit a couple of years ago so now I use the bottle stuff - much better for your skin and I don't want wrinkles!

I use St Tropez mousse. I've tried others but I always go back to this one. 

Apologies that mine is a little grubby! At least it shows I use it.

Everyone says apply it with a mitt...I say apply it with latex surgical gloves - perhaps because I'm a Doctor's daughter - but mostly because you don't waste any product...think how much product a mitt must absorb!

I really want to try out the dark version of the mousse (in the black bottle) let me know if you've tried it and what you think of the colour!



In winter everyone goes for a bold dark lip....and I'm no exception!

My fave is this combo:

Barry M lipliner in 117 Wine
Revlon Colour Stay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion

I also love a matte mauvey, nude lip.

The Sleek Matte Lip Cream in the colour birthday suit

These have been my favourite two combinations for the last few months.

I do have my eye on Anita by NARS though

And also Diva by MAC


I go for a bit more of a rosey blush in the winter so it looks like you have flushed cheeks. My fave is Unlawful by NARS (but I am yet to make the leap, part with my money and purchase it!)

So I'm using Sunset Glow by Clinique which I like but you have to use a veryyy light hand with it!

I also steer clear of heavy foundation in the Winter and try and use a BB cream. Heavy foundation will cling to any dry skin which is not a good look! 

I currently switch between the Smashbox BB Cream and the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream dependant on how tanned I am! (The Smashbox one is much darker)


Usually I am quite low mainteance with my hair - I wash it every three days and leave it to dry naturally. 

In winter I like to treat it a bit more lovingly, use some treatments on a cold night in and if I want to look glamours go for a sleek ponytail using my foxy locks extensions.

I am not actually naked here...just wearing a strapless top!

It doesn't blow in my face and the glamour lasts....curled hair and wind = flat non curly hair for my hair type!

The treatment I really like is the 3 More Inches one from Michael Van Clarke.


My fashion staples for winter are literally jeans, riding boots, leather and fur.

Now I know some of you may hate fur...but I see no problem with vintage fur as its already would be a waste to put it all in and a landfill and I would be cold - but hate me if you will!

My riding boots of choice are Carlyle Chocolate ones from Hunter. 

However, they don't sell them anymore...
Here they are on ebay and Amazon

My jeans of choice are High Rise Jeggings from American Eagle (which is now open at Westfield and Bluewater)

I have them in black and dark navy and LOVE them!

My leather jacket of the moment is from Topshop, but I got it last Christmas so they don't do it is leather with suede on the arms.
Sometimes I add a bit of fur on top...

This one from Topshop is similar

The furs I generally lean towards are ones like these:

Again sorry if you're not into fur but I am. Mostly white and brown fox!

Comment below and let me know what your Winter Essentials are? Makeup, Beauty, Fashion or otherwise!


  1. Great essentials!
    Love lipbalm as well ( eos is my fav) but I heard your lips can get addicted to it, so get chapped even quicker....
    I love your beauty picks as well :)


  2. That Dior lip balm is at the top of my wish list. I'm addicted to that Nivea lip balm though, so yummy!

    xx Amanda


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