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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Over the past year I've noticed that press on nails are taking up more space in Boots than they used to...

I've never really used press on nails, as the ones I've experienced (back when I was a teenager) were awful, badly fitted and really thick.

However, the House of Holland ones now selling in Boots look pretty cool with some really fun designs.

I decided to give them a go, but all the House of Holland ones are stilleto nails, so I can't handle that with putting in and taking out contact lenses!

Square is much more me....I picked the Elegant Touch Express Nails which were £8.99.

My nails were looking horrible and chipped so I figured now was the perfect time to give these a go, especially as (if I liked them) they had some really cool Christmas designs.

...turns out I don't like them at all, but I will go on to explain that!

First of all I removed my nail varnish, cut my nails and wiped each nail with the nail prep wipe...

The kit also comes with a nail file so you can make the nails a bit shorter if you like...only issue is that would cut into the heart design, but I'm sure with some of the other designs that wouldn't matter.

I laid out all the sizes and picked which would fit my nails best. 

There wasn't really one that was perfect for my thumb, but I just picked the best I could.

To apply you just peel off the little bit of plastic on the back of the nail which covers the glue and stick down. I was distracted and did one the wrong way round and god it was hard to get off - so the glue is strong!!

One point to make is...the more nails you've applied the harder it is to peel off the plastic! For example when I was doing my final index finger and thumb I had real issues!

Now I'm not sure if it is just the shape of my nails or if everyone has this problem, but my nail bed on my thumb nail is much shorter than my other nails.

So when I had applied the nails they looked an acceptable length on all my nails...except my thumb where it literally looked like a claw.

I filed it down though and made it look a bit better without filing all the way down to the white heart, but it was still massive!

So these are the nails without my crazy large thumb nail...they look quite cute right?

Here lies the issue though, when you press them on (at least with my nails) they are quite flat at the cuticle but because they aren't curved you have a massive gap under each nail. 

Not only does this look a bit bad it is also the perfect place for bacteria to hang out (even though I'm not a dirty finger kind of person!)

It was the most annoying thing to have such a gap and also for the nails to be raised above where your normal cuticle and nail bed is.

The main reason being, if you tried to touch your hair, tie up your hair, brush your hair, even flick it over your shoulder your hair got stuck round the nail and I literally got very very stuck on more than one occasion.

I put these on on Friday night and by Saturday morning I had enough of being tangled up in my own nails! I managed (with difficulty - so the glue definitely works) to pull my thumb, index and middle finger nails off.
And I was left with the end two...

This was much better as I don't really use those nails as much and they kind of looked like a cute queen of hearts theme with the red on the other nails.

I would never use these again unless it was just one on my ring finger with maybe black on the rest of the nails.
And that would still frustrate me as I would still get tangled up in my own hair!

Has anyone else used any other brands of stick on nails that they actually recommend?

I like the concept but I just don't like the result!


  1. i've never used nail stickers, looks like lot of trouble... although i like how these look with the red nail polish!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. I like how they look with the red but it just isn't worth it!

      I've found you on Twitter :)


  2. GOD, that nail gap makes me nervous! xo

    1. Literally I got so so tangled! It made me want to DIE

  3. Hey, honey! What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!


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