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Monday, 8 December 2014

If you've read my last blog, you will know that I attended a Colorsport Product Launch/Blogging Event a couple of Mondays ago!

Colorsport is sold in Boots, although at my local Boots they only have a couple of products.

On Boots website, the 24 eyeliner is £7.75, the rapid lash gro eyeliner is £14.95 and the smokey eye and perfect brow kit is £16.95.

These are the three products I received, so my goodie bag was valued at about £40. Thank you such much Colorsport, I feel very spoilt.

Anyway, moving on to the opening of the bag! (Like Christmas).

Mmm champagne and strawberry lolly....
and a mirror - not so mmm but handy for your handbag!

Moving onto the makeup.

I picked the "brown gift bag" rather than the black, as I really enjoyed the brown eyeliner which the makeup artist used on me at the event.

This is the one she used:

 According to the box it is not only an eyeliner but also an eyelash enahcing serum which contains capixyl which is a clinically proven lash enhancing ingredient.

I can't give my opinion on that as the lashes don't look fuller and longer straight away!

But I really like the eyeliner as just an eyeliner anyway.

Ready for the numerous awkward selfies?

So this is with my right eye (your left) done.

I did a thin line with a slight wing  

and I really like the effect. 

The brush is thin so it's easy to do a thin line and build it up to a thicker line, however, I think the brush is a teeny bit long.
On two occasions I managed to get some on my eyelid. Fortunately I wasn't wearing eyeshadow so I could just wipe it off, but if I had been doing a smokey eye it would have been a bit annoying.

I like the formula as it is very thin, not at all gloopy and dries to a matte finish.

Overall I really like it and will keep using it daily. 
Hopefully it makes my lashes grow too!

The next item I tried was the Smokey Eyes and Perfect Brows Kit

This kit is made up of three different shades of powder, plus two brushes and some tweezers

First things first the tweezers are really cute and really good! I thought they wouldn't be that great as they aren't the main focus of the kit but they actually grab the tiniest hairs!
V. good.
Please excuse my nails...they are literally shocking!!

I tried out the rest of the products on both my brows and for a smokey eye.

Lets start with the brows.

I used the pointed brush and a mixture of the two darkest shades.

I like the results but I still think I will be sticking with my Anastasia Brow Pomade as it is waterproof and literally doesn't budge.

If I was travelling though I think I would use this kit as it is little and multifunctional!

In terms of doing a smokey eye, the powders were easy to blend out and very pigmented, so it was very easy to do a smokey eye.

I tried to use the blonde shade powder as a kind of highlight on the inner part of my eyelid, but it just wasn't light enough, so I think the only thing this kit is missing is a brow/inner eyelid highlight.

Plus I just could not get on with the brush.

I tried to use it but it is one of those sponge brushes and I found it very difficult to use in terms of blending and smokey eyes are all about blending.

I ditched it and ended up using one of my own blending brushes and I really like the results.

So in conclusion, I really like this product and would take it if I was travelling anywhere because of its size, however, I would take my own blending brush with me!

The final item I received was the 24 Hour Eyeliner in Dark Brown.

This eyeliner comes in the form of a "felt tip" rather than a liquid.

This was probably my least favourite product, it went on smoothly, but I just prefer the formula of a liquid eyeliner like the lash gro one.
It lasted all day (8am-10pm) but by the time it got to 10pm it had worn off a little bit so I don't think it would last 24 hours.

Here is how it looked (a more subtle look as it was for work)

I still liked the product for day to day wear, but I just find myself reaching for the lash gro eyeliner rather than this one.

Overall I would say my favourite product was the lash gro eyeliner in dark brown.
I never knew Colorsport did products other than the 30 day mascara so it was nice to get a chance to use them and actually add at least one product to my everyday makeup routine.

Now I just have my eye on the Eyebrow Definer!

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