Starting The Dukan Diet

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

If you've read my Weight Loss Story blog you will know that in the first five months of the year I lost some weight.

I went from this:

Check out that massive face and arm! Which is as a shame as I really like this picture otherwise

To this:

Not such a massive face!
I really don't like this side of my face though to be honest. If you ever look at my facebook or instagram you will notice all of my pics are from the other side! But I thought I should compare the same side as the pic above which is where I think I look my worst!

<< Plus my body looked much better!

I think I was 9st 7 on New Years Day and I managed to get down to 8st 11.

However, I didn't do it in the healthiest way. I was just a bit miserable because of my break up so went out every night drinking and not eating.

I did also do a couple of tea detoxs which I think did work.

The point is, now that I'm a bit happier I've put a couple of those pounds back on.

I still look better than I did but it wasn't easy to maintain as I hadn't lost it in the right way.

My "normal weight" I suppose is about 9st 2. I normally come back to about that weight. The reason I had wanted to lose some in January was I was 5lbs above that.

And now we come onto present day. My new flatmate is doing the Dukan Diet so I thought I would too.

I read up all about it last week and decided to start on Monday 10th November.

Here is the official website

You can pay for coaching and sign up with them, but I've just done it on my own.

There are four stages to the diet and you start on the "Attack Phase"

If you want to lose less than 15lbs you do 1-2 days of this and if you want to lose more than that then you increase the number of days.

...I'm being a rebel and doing 3 days.

You basically just eat protein. Lean meat, plus up to two eggs a day and 1.5tbsp of oat bran. You can also have low fat dairy products (skimmed milk and low fat yoghurt)

The oat bran is the only carb you can have and apparently it absorbs liquid in your stomach and makes you feel full it also slows down sugar and fat absorbption. I went to a massive Asda and couldn't find any oat bran (even though apparently Quaker Oats makes a brand of it), so I went to Holland and Barrett. I also bought some Chia seeds which are a good source of protein.

Below is what I have eaten over my first few days of the diet:


9am 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast
1pm 1 steak for lunch
4pm 1.5tbsp of oat bran made into porridge with water and a splash of skimmed milk. Sprinkled with a tsp of Chia Seeds
8.30pm Half a roast chicken.
Plus a ton of water.

Normally I am terrible at drinking water but this diet has made me pretty thirsty so I just keep drinking loads of water and need a wee all the time!


9am 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast
12.30pm Half a roast chicken for lunch
4.30pm The same porridge as above
7pm 3 sausages. I'm not sure sausages are the best kind of meat to eat, but they were from Waitrose so good quality and they were in the freezer so needed eating up!


9am 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast
1pm A chicken breast for lunch

And the rest of the day is yet to come.

Although I know I'm going to have "chicken nuggets" with oat bran as the crust tonight.
I'm going to my friends house and usually we eat Bodeans or Pizza with at least a bottle of red wine so it's going to be hard to hold back!!

I weighed myself this morning and was 9st and a half. So I think I've lost a couple of pounds already.
On Sunday I was 9st 5lb (after eating breakfast) so I literally jumped off the scales!! I don't think that was accurate as I can't have lost 4 and a half pounds (or have put on 3 pounds between Friday and Sunday which was when I was 9st 2)! Lets just say its a pound and a half I've lost so far.

I will keep you updated.

Tomorrow I am moving on to the Cruise Phase where you are allowed to add in vegetables on one day with your protein, then the next day just have protein and repeat.

You continue with the Cruise Phase until you are at your desired weight and then you work on maintaining it and keeping the weight off!

My Review:

I haven't had any cravings really, except today I really fancy some raspberries or grapes! I guess my body wants the sugar but at least its craving fruit sugar not a biscuit!
The only side effect I've notice is I got a headache yesterday afternoon so that is when I had my porridge stuff and I felt ok again.

I have done the 5:2 diet before and others, but I find this diet so much easier as there is no calorie counting. I literally know what I'm allowed to eat and what I'm not...there is no option to consider whether I can have a little bit of something or a little bit of something else.

I like that.

My Aim

I'm hoping to get down to 8st 12 and maintain it. It would be brilliant to be 8st 10 as that has always been my goal but I'm not sure I can maintain that...we shall see!!

Has anyone else done this diet? Let me know your experiences in the comments below if you have!


  1. Can't believe how much you've changed since the Red Dress Pic! You look GOOD girl!


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