Paris Day 3

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Apologies for the delay on this! It feels like its been ages since I did my Day 1 and 2 blogs!

We woke up on the Saturday morning ready for a day at Disney...then realised it was 11.30am as we hadn't set an alarm!

Walking and the excitement clearly tired us out!

We got up and quickly dressed and walked over to Disney for breakfast at Starbucks. At French Starbucks they do pancakes in the morning! They also do some seriously good chocolate and nut muffins! mmmmm

We had a two park hopper so we started the morning at Walt Disney Studios

We checked out the Tower of Terror and I thought that it didn't look so bad! (How wrong I was later on)

Before the Tower we thought we should let our breakfast go down, so we headed to the Studio Tram Tour....and stood in a pretty long queue next to some English Chavs...we passed the time with you do!

You get on a kind of bus and drive around some movie sets.

You're then shown how special effect are created, such as a rainstorm...

And a fire...

To be honest, I would give it a miss....not very exciting. And just be warned if you sit on the left hand side of the bus you get a bit wet!

 It was time for the Tower of Terror. You are led into a creepy hotel

And then into a dark room where you see a video about the twlight zone and the workers there lurk behind you and scare the crap out of you!

You then get in your lift, sit down (with only a seat belt to hold you in!! No over the head restraints!) and its time.
Literally the scariest thing I've ever been on.
You're taken up a few levels in the lift and then dropped.
Then you get to the top and the doors open so you can see the whole of Disney...then you're dropped again....and again and again.

Being dropped in a lift is not my favourite feeling!


Plus I got lipstick on my teeth from screaming!

As we could not be anymore terrified we went for another rollercoaster.

The Aerosmith one!

It goes upside down, but Aerosmith is playing the whole time.

Definitely the best ride in Walt Disney Studios - we went on it a couple of times. I don't even usually like upside down rollercoasters.

After that we went down to new Ratatouille ride...but the queue was huge!

So we wandered around...

And headed back to Disney to do some more rides and then watch the sun set...

For dinner we headed to the Disney Village and The Steakhouse.

I was in definite need of wine and maybe had too much!

 We both had steak, and then both had flaming creme brule with brownie pieces in it. 
I didn't eat the brownie though as it just didn't go well in a creme brule

To kill some time before the fireworks we went to the shops and Jess bought some presents for her brother (and soon to be sister in laws) engagement presents!

We also found our girlssss

And in Christmas decoration format! 

Kind of wish I'd bought Jasmine for the top of my tree!

It was finally time for the fireworks and we got a great spot right at the front!

The Disney fireworks just never beautiful

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