Get ready with me - Halloween Edition

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

If you've read my last Halloween blog post then you will know that I was going to be a bit gory this year for Halloween.

I started with a clean face and outlined with a white eyeliner where I wanted my scratches to be:

I rolled my Ben Nye Nose and Scar wax into sausages and pressed it along the edges of what would be the cuts. It is really sticky so you have to keep your fingers moisturised or you will have it on your fingers not your face!

I then sealed it with liquid latex.

I did the same on my head to make a kind of gunshot exit wound.. I basically pressed a ball of wax onto my head and made a hole in the middle of it.  

I then covered this with latex and when dry stuck thin bits of tissue paper on it with more latex. Kind of like paper mache!

By this point the latex on my cheek had dried so I did another layer. I think I ended up doing three layers.

I then started on my eye makeup which was basically a black smokey eye with a bit of maroon.

Time for lashes! I stuck a set of my Kardashian Khroma onto a set of my Kiss lashes and then put both on my eyes.

Now that the other layers of latex had set I noticed that the scar wax was still a bit tacky, so I put a layer of tissue on and covered that with latex.

My exit wound was dry now so I used a concealer to cover the latex and tissue and painted in the hole with red and maroon lipsticks on a cotton bud. If you put the darkest shade around the edge it gives the hole more depth 

It was then time for foundation and the difficult job of putting on concealer when you have a big wound under your eye! 

When the tissue latex combo on my cheek was dry I covered it in concealer and then filled in the scratches with lipstick.

I also added lower lashes. 

Time for blood. I used a "thick blood" in the centre of each cut (which wasn't that thick as it was dribbling and I had to clean it up!)

I then did the same on my forehead...which also dribbled and nearly got me in the eye!

I then used "thin blood" to deliberately dribble down a bit more

Add red lipstick and voila 

I had already put my minnie mouse outfit on (to avoid having to pull it over my head and smearing the blood) so now it was time for contact lenses.

 And here is my outfit, complete with bumbag! 

This is how awkward my face was because I couldn't smile! Remember that when you put stuff on your cheek! 

I also advise that you don't peel the bullet wound off your head in the taxi hurts and is messy! 

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