Final Day in Paris

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

For our final day in Paris we didn't have Disney tickets, so we decided to go back to the huge shopping mall (Val d'Europe) to do it justice as we didn't on our first day.

We arrived there for breakfast and to our surprise and DISMAY it doesn't open on Sundays!!!

How ridiculous is that!

We didn't even get to revisit Sephoraaaaa WAH

Fortunately the outlet section (outside the centre) was open. So we wandered along there to Starbucks.

Another delicious muffin! The ones in Paris just look much yummier than the ones here!

As you will know if you read my first day in Paris blog (
I bought a Michael Kors bag from the outlet.

Jess had decided that she wanted one too so we wasted some time in Michael Kors working out which bag was the best and whether a matching purse was necessary!

I quite liked this green number! But I don't think it would be an everyday bag!

The style we both ended up getting was the one below. It is last seasons so I can't find out what it's called! But it looks a bit like their Too Hot To Handle satchel.

They had it in so many colours and Jess ended up getting it in brown.

After wandering a bit more we decided to get some lunch and take our time over it as none of the stupid normal priced shops were open.

I had parma ham with tomato and lettuce in a crispy french baguette....but then I bit into it and there was creamy cheese in ittttt

I hateeee cheese! So I basically ate the meat and was so SADDD

Sad though it sounds, for the next couple of hours we sat at the hotel, used the wifi and watched youtube beauty and halloween tutorials together!

To finish the trip we had a final stop at the Disney store... nearly buying this decoration on the way! 

And then we headed home onto the Eurostar with some French treats to nibble on on the way!

An awesome trip with my bestie!

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