Dukan Diet (Week Two)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I left you at the end of my first week on the Dukan Diet and I had gone from between 9st 5 and 9st 2 (who knows so lets say I was 9st 3) to 9st.

So lets say I had lost three pounds.



My feelings so far on the diet are that it is great! I'm not hungry as I can eat as much as I want of the things that I'm allowed, so there are no hunger pains. I did get a headache in the afternoon on the first two days, but I think that was my body getting used to the fact that I wasn't having sugar.

The only other thing I've noticed really is that I am really thirsty and therefore need to wee a lot. Plus I'm craving some fruit but I'm not craving anything carby or sweet and delicious.

So I'm heading into the second week feeling very good about it!



9am Oat Bran Porridge (in case you haven't read  my other blog this is a tablespoon and a half of oat bran made into porridge with water and a splash of skimmed milk)

1pm Packet of roast chicken

7pm Leftover roast chicken cooked with fajita mix and served with 0% fat yoghurt.

This was a good way of eating fajitas with friends without missing out too much. You just don't put the peppers on your plate and don't have the wrap.

I fell of the wagon on this night a little and had a couple of glasses of red wine. To be fair I had a plumber come over...spend 15 minutes in my flat, tell me it was urgent he came back tomorrow for four hours (at a charge of £1000) and charge me £180 to tell me this all in 15 minutes....
So I was annoyed and REBELLED

8st 12 and 3/4 (yes my scales are specific!)
I'm not surprised that I lost weight because I really don't think I ate enough on Monday. The packet of chicken was not enough for lunch but I had it and then was busy at work so didn't go get anything else. 

Lets hope this is real weight as my realistic goal weight was 8st 12 (and maintaining it) and my super happy woopdeydoo weight was 8st 10. So I'm going to try and get there! Maybe I can even be 8 and a half stone! Who knows! (I just don't want to lose my boobs)

This was the plumbing day :( WAH

9.30am Oat Bran Porridge

2pm Sugar Free Jelly
I love that you are allowed this because it feels naughty and like you are having something sweet and yummy.
I have these really cute moulds!

4pm Two scrambled eggs
Bit of a weird time to eat my lunch but I didn't want to cook whilst the plumber was there and the flat smelt like sewage!
This looks so unappealing!

6.30pm One chicken breast cooked with fajita mix and mangetout with 0% natural yoghurt as I made it a bit too spicey!

7pm A 3km run with my flatmate....I am so bloody impressed with us! 

8pm A bowl of 0% fat yoghurt
         Another sugar free jelly

I was craving something sweet after the run so thats why I had the jelly after the yoghurt as it didn't satisfy me!

9.30pm a Nightime Boo Tea.
I was looking for some kind of tea in my cupboard and found that when I did the Boo Tea teatox earlier this year I didn't finish all of my teas. In fact I still had one weeks worth, so I thought I would do these alongside the Dukan Diet, as they are meant to "speed up your insides" a bit. And on this diet I think I need a bit of that.
That is way too much information but I'm trying to be honest to help if anyone does do this diet and has the same thing!

Apparently it is a common side effect as you aren't having carbs:

8st 13

9am Oat Bran Porridge

12.30pm Salad made of spinach, chicken, asparagus, cucumber, broccoli and peas with a little drizzle of olive oil

3pm A day time Boo Tea

7pm A piece of cod (cooked in a little foil parcel to keep it moist) and some broccoli.
I know this looks a bit unappealing and plain but it was yummy. I love cod and I love broccoli.

8st 11 and 3/4
As I said above my realistic goal weight was 8st 12 and maintaining it or in an ideal world 8st 10 and maintaining it so 11 days in I reached my goal weight.
Now it is just a case of trying to reach 8st 10 and maintaining it!

9am 2 Scrambled eggs

1pm Two grilled chicken breasts.
I met my flatmate at lunchtime and she introduced me to a cafe near my work which I'd never been to before. This chicken was goooddd (although I do think they think we are a bit odd for ordering just chicken).
I couldn't finish it all though!

4pm A slice of Millie's Cookie Cake.
Now this was the first real naughty thing I've had in 11 days, but I decided in advance I was going to have a slice as my treat as it was my friend Fran's birthday and I love these Cookie Cakes.
I know it was bad, but I decided to have it in advance and it wasn't an impulse treat because I fell off the wagon.
I am firmly on that wagon.

Plus I went to salsa so I didn't have dinner...so perhaps the calories even each other out??

9pm A Nightime Boo Tea

8st 11 and 3/4

9.28am A tiny square of the leftover cookie...then I told myself off and got on with making my porridge!

9.30am Oat Bran Porridge

1pm A grilled chicken breast with salad

8pm Fajita chicken with peppers and onions, yoghurt and guac

1 glass of prosecco

I wasn't at home so I didn't weigh myself on my scales

4pm A piece of smoked salmon..
I know - very bad for not eating all day but I wasn't really hungry and I was helping my Dad with the preperations for  my Mum's 60th Birthday Party so I didn't make the time to eat.

At least 5 glasses of wine...red and white
3 apricots wrapped in bacon (canapes)
2 salmon roll canapes
I made those....are you impressed!

A helping of corination chicken with carrot salad
A piece of chocolate cake.

Now that is pretty naughty. But I could have been so much worse! There was pear and raspberry crumble, there was rice and couscous and I didn't have any of that...

Plus I didn't eat any of this cake!


9.30am - a hangover!

2.30pm a starter portion of mussels with a piece of warm crusty bread and a gin and tonic!
This was to help my hangover!

6.30pm a gin and tonic 
It had been made for me I couldn't just pour it down the sink now could I!

7pm roast pheasant with spinach and broccoli and a teeny bit of gravy plus two glasses of red wine
At least I didn't have the potatos and yorkshires...lets just focus on that.

8pm a piece of the leftover crumble (pear and raspberry) which I didn't eat the night before.

Quite a naughty weekend, but I still think I wasn't as bad as I could have been!


2pm tomato and basil soup from Eat
I had a busy morning at work so didn't get time for breakfast or to do anything else!

7pm Four sweet mini canapes and two glasses of white wine
Jess and I went to a blogging event with ColorSport and got to try out some of their products. By this point I was seriously hungry so I did nibble on the lovely canapes.

8pm Pasta with broccoli sausage, chilli and garlic and a glass of red wine.
This week is just getting naughtier. I was just so hungry and it was so so delicious

9st :(
I suppose I still weigh less than when I started but it means that I've made no progress over a week.
If I hadn't been dieting before the weekend though I probably would have put on weight, but I suppose a week has been wasted in diet terms.

I didn't have time for breakfast as I was rushing around London.

1pm A skinny latte from starbucks and a skinny lemon and poppyseed muffin.
I had to hang around for a couple of hours and needed to sit in a coffee shop with wifi.
Starbucks was the obvious option and I tried to pick something to eat with the lowest saturated fat.
I tried...but I still failed because although it was the best option available a muffin still isn't good for you.

3pm Half a thai chicken soup
Our electricity at the office cut out for the afternoon so I sat in the dark and ate half of my cold soup (couldn't heat it in the microwave)...so I gave up on it!

8pm Lamb with a parsnip crust with carrots and sugar snaps pees

...with some red wine.

10pm A nighttime Boo Tea

So over the past 8 days I've lost no weight... I've just maintained the level I was at.
To be honest - it is a bit depressing to write the above on the internet, especially where I've fallen off the wagon and treated myself to something nice or a glass of wine.

Hopefully it will motivate me this week to not drink wine or eat a piece of cookie or cake as I know I have to write it down!

Naughty Emma!

I'm still determined to get to 8st 12 or even 8st 10. 2-4 pounds left to go and I know I can do it!

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