Dukan Diet update (Week One)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Last time I left you on my diet blog (http://lifewithoutafunsponge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/starting-dukan-diet.html
I was on Day 3 of the Attack Phase and here is what I ate:


9st and a half

9am 2 scrambled eggs

1pm A chicken breast
4pm 1.5 tbsp of bran oats made into porridge with water and a splash of skimmed milk. 

On previous days I had sprinkled chia seeds on the porridge, which are high in protein and apparently tasteless....I just thought the bran oats weren't that tasty but on Wednesday I did the porridge without them and it was so nice just like normal porridge! So I recommend that as something to fill you up which tastes nice!

On this day I walked to Fulham after work to my friend's house. So that was an hour and twenty mins...so a bit of exercise!

7pm Chicken goujons made with oat bran! 

This meal was so yummy and felt naughty even though it isn't and you can eat as much of it as you want!
That is what I like about this diet, you know what you can and can't eat and you can eat as much as you want. So no being hungry, and no tiny portions.


Oat Bran

Easy and things you probably already have in your house if you are doing this diet! I haven't put quantities as I don't know how hungry you are!

I also got a diet coke as I needed something to make me feel like I didn't need wine!

For technique all you do is beat two eggs on a plate...egg white only if you are being super good.
Pour some oat bran on another plate
And dip the chicken in the egg then the bran... 

Lay them on a tray...

And bake for 25 mins. 
They look a little anaemic compared with normal goujons but they tasted yummy!

I ate that entire plate...and I don't even feel bad about it!

On Day 4 I moved into the Cruise Phase. You are now allowed to add vegetables into your diet every other day. No avocado though...or sweet potato. Which is a shame...but I totally understand why!


9am 1 scrambled egg
1pm Salad made of Spinach, chicken, bacon, greenbeans, cucumber, broccoli with a little drizzle of olive oil. 
(I know the bacon is slightly naughty but I needed a bit of excitement!)

I thought it would be a lot more exciting to eat vegetables again for the first time...but it wasn't really.

I haven't really had any cravings at all apart from I would love some raspberries or grapes! Surprisingly I don't have any desire to eat carbs or drink wine...and that is not like me!!

4pm Oat Bran Porridge
7pm Steak with fried mushrooms (no oil used just a bit of garlic on the steak)

It was super yum! 

9pm Sugarfree Jelly and a cup of tea with no milk

Normally on a Thursday I do salsa 7pm-10.30pm so three and a half hours of exercise. But on this day my shower had blocked so I had to buy a plunger and Mr Muscle and spend the evening sorting that! Although unclogging the shower was a bit of a work out...it wasn't quite an evening of dancing!


On Friday I made an error! I forgot that you are supposed to have one protein and veg day and then one pure protein. You are meant to alternate!
I only remembered after I'd eaten my lunch which included vegetables! Stupid!

9am Oat Bran Porridge
12.30pm Leon Superfood Chicken and Chorizo Salad
I really struggled to find lunch on this day. All the salads I could find in Pret, Crush, Eat etc had avocado in and I love avocado so couldn't bring myself to get a salad with it in and not eat it! 
I also tried to get rotisserie chicken and salad but the chickens weren't ready yet.
I ended up at Leon and looked at the ingredients of the above salad. It all sounded fine apart from the quinoa (which there wasn't much of) however I didn't realise it would come with aioli on the chicken!
So a slightly naughty lunch, especially as I wasn't meant to have vegetables!

7pm Half a packet of cooked chicken, half a packet of parma ham and 6 cocktail sausage.
I know this is the most random dinner ever and cocktail sausages are not lean meat but hey, I was going out so I didn't know what to eat quickly and easily!


10am a 2 egg omlette with mushrooms and the rest of the cooked chicken (mentioned above)
Just a side note...2 eggs is not enough to make an omlette - it fell apart!

3.30pm a chicken salad and a glass of red wine.
This was the hardest moment I've had so far, one of my friends had chicken smothering in bbq sauce with onion rings and chips and the other had sausage and mash...they then shared a chocolate and peanut butter cheese cake! It was sooo hard.

I had a glass of wine, but it was a treat on a Saturday and I think if you go cold turkey then you are more likely to fall of the diet wagon. One glass of wine in the large scheme of things probably isn't the end of the world.

9pm chicken teryaki with salad. 
This was the healthiest thing I could find on the menu at Pizza Pomodoros where I went out for dinner. The sauce was naughty but I tried not to eat it all. 

I also had one glass of red and a gin and tonic.
BUT I didn't drink for the rest of the night! I was so impressed with myself, I've never had a night out in London and not drunk. Even when glasses of vodka were put in my hand I shared it out between my friends glasses.
Plus I had a really fun night without alcohol which I never thought I would (that's bad isn't it!)

9st (so the alcohol obviously didn't do too much!)

12noon Oat Bran Porridge

7pm Roast chicken with roast carrots and mangetout.
I again forgot about the vegetables! Definitely a pure protein day on Monday!!

9st (so at least I'm hoping its real weight loss now rather than just water)

9am Oat Bran Porridge

1pm Packet of roast chicken

And it is Monday lunchtime now! 
I also thought I would just say that I have been drinking loads of water and allowing myself two cups of coffee a day with skimmed milk (which is allowed on the diet thank god!)

I've managed a week of this and it hasn't been too hard. Hopefully after another week I will get below the 9st mark! I'm blaming the fact that I haven't already on the fact that I keep forgetting to have pure protein days!!

Wish me luck!
Particularily this coming weekend when it is my Mum's 60th birthday park and there will be lots of alcohol and cake!


  1. The roast chick with green and orange is one of the most depressing plates I've ever seen.

    1. LOL! It does look pretty sad doesn't it....I needed some gravy! (mmmm and a yorkshireeee)


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