An Essex Road Trip...and a Rant at Maybelline!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Saturday my wifey Rachel and I went to visit our friend Manish in Essex for a TOWIE tour!

I love TOWIE (it is my guilty pleasure) and Manish lives in Chigwell so we've been trying to arrange a tour for a while!

We headed to Southend on the tube (Central line - super easy) and Manish picked us up!

For the day I went and maroon - leather and dark lips

Our first stop was the King William Pub in Chigwell for a coffee.
This place is a necessity on any TOWIE tour. I've been before for a roast on a Sunday and for drinks on a Saturday night.
It's a really nice pub and the food is good. We just stopped for a coffee though.
We then went for a little tour of celeb houses! Tom Pearce, Alan Sugar, Simon from Blue, Mark Wright, the Wright Family (who were having a 25th birthday party - not sure whose!).
A bit stalkery but it was fun and we got to see this cute hobbit house!

Next stop was Loughton high street which is where Bella Sorella Lydia's shop is.
We did a drive by and saw Lydia wasn't there so headed onto Brentwood where most of the other TOWIE stars shops are!
We parked in Brentwood and went exploring.
The first shop was Lucy's Boutique

I'm going to be honest, most of what was in all the TOWIE shops was complete tut, I would never be seen dead in any of it...

Except this dress
Which I think she looks amazing in.

Next was Harry's World

The one thing I would have got in here. Was this calculator for my friend Fran who is doing all her super smart accounting exams...
Franny I wanted to get you this!

We then headed into Amy Child's boutique and she was in there working. First "celeb" spot! 

Then it was time for a walk down Bretnwood High Street.
We tried to go to Joey Essex's shop Fusey...but Stereo Kicks from the X Factor were in there so there was a hugeeee queue of girls!

 They spread all the way past Gemma Collins shop which we didn't go into either.
I can't stand trying to navigate my way through people it gets so annoying!
I also HATE slow case you were wondering!

 We changed direction and went back to Minnie's - Sam and Billie's shop...the original TOWIE shop!

Again full of do these people manage to sell all this stuff!

We continued walking down the street past the Sugar Hut (another necessity on the TOWIE tour - but be warned they stop serving food at 3)

Across the street was Charlie's Deli ... where Charlie was working

And on this side was Chloe's

Chloe's is probably the only place I would recommend going. It looks so smart inside and they do every beauty service you can think of including makeup for a night out which I think is cool.

Chloe wasn't in there though and it was time for fooooddd

We found a cute country pub on google and headed that way!

This pub was lovely. Just what we were looking for and it seemed to be in the middle of the countryside which I didn't expect from Essex to be honest (even though I know its a huge country blablabla)

The Vintage Inn company have a few other pubs too so check them out!

If you've read my Dukan Diet blog post you will know I was very good and had a salad...whilst everyone else had yummy carbs and cheesecake.WAH

The Essex day then came to a close and it was time to head back to London for a night out with the girls!

Get ready for my Maybelline Rant.

Now if you've read my high end vs drug store beauty post you will know that I bought the Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighter and recommended it...

I take it back! Do not buy this...or at least don't buy it if you are ever going to have a photo taken with a flash.

You do your makeup and think oo I look nice, doesn't it look nice and highlighted under my eyes...

What do you think of my blue eyes?!

Looks lovely see?

Even a picture at the restaurant...still looks fine...

Then someone takes a picture with a flash...

I literally look like I've used white facepaint as concealer



The light reflecting particles make the flash reflect off.

But at least it happens to the best of us


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