A New York City Shopping Haul

Friday, 7 November 2014

I did a bit of shopping in New York...and apart from two items it was all beauty related so I thought I would do a haul blog and explain a bit more about what I got.

This was the damage when I pulled it all out of my suitcase:

And then I had the joy of unwrapping it all over again and it was like online shopping and receiving stuff in the post...such a nice feeling! Is it just me that feels like that!?

My first section of unwrapping was from Bath and Body works.
I got these three body washes which all smell really good and also look cute lined up in my bathroom.
My fave is the Mad About You one.

Also from Bath and Body works I got two of these Mahogany Teak Wood candles. They literally smell amazing - like men's aftershave. The good thing about candles from here is they are strongly scented. I don't mean they are overpowering, but you can tell you are burning one. I hate when you burn a candle and the smell is just basically nothingness unless you stick your nose right in!

I got some handbag essentials too. An EOS hand lotion, which is like the EOS lipbalms in style which is why I liked it. It fits so easily in my bag and I can carry it round, plus it smells lovely.

I also got a new softlips cube in blueberry and pomegranate. These are my favourite and I already have one in my bag so this one is a back up!

The vanilla one is for a friend.

In terms of face products, I got this purity facial cleanser which I love so much. It melts off your makeup and smells and makes you feel really clean.

The brush is from sephora and is for exfoliating your face. I use it with the cleanser when I take my makeup off.

I got a few makeupy bits from one of the big pharmacys in NYC. The Khroma Primer is from the Kardashian collection and you use it kind of like a mask that you wash off before you put on your makeup. I wouldn't buy it again, but it is a bit of fun. 

The lashes are from Kiss and also from Khroma. The Khroma ones need a trim as they are quite long, so I haven't tried them yet. The Kiss ones don't come with glue but I really like the shape.

Next are the bits I got from MAC.

First is a contour brush. I love this brush and I've had three people compliment me on my cheek bones since I started using it!

The second thing is this nail varnish in the colour formidable, which I love for Autumn!

Finally I got this highlighter in the colour Global Glow

It is really pretty, but I went into MAC with the intention of buying the Soft and Gentle colour (which is a lighter champagne colour) and they convinced me this one would be better.
I wish I had got the one I wanted originally as I don't think I will use this quite so much. It is really nice as an eyeshadow though!

I also got two of these facemasks (I already used one up in New York).
They are material masks and therefore are a bit like sticking paper mache on your face! 
It makes your skin so softttt thought. I just wish you could resuse them.

 To go with my lashes I got this dark eyelash glue. This stuff is seriously good...I spent an entire day at Disney in Paris on rollercoasters with my eyes scrunched tight and my lashes stayed on all day!
I recommend.
If you get the dark one though you need to commit when you stick...otherwise if you peel off and restick you get black on your eyelid where the glue has dried!
Commit to the lashes!

Finally are my NARS products.

I got:

A sample of the laguna bronzer

I loveeee this stuff. It doesn't make you look muddy and is perfect for contouring.

A sample of the eyeshadow base.

I've only used this a couple of times so can't really review yet. 

The radiant creamy concealer in the colour custard.

This stuff is insanellyyyy good. I am obsessed!

The long reflecting setting powder.

 This stuff does set my makeup really well, but I wish I had kept the sticker on over the little holes where the powder comes out and just unpeeled it when I needed to tap some out. Everytime I open it I just get powder everywhere!

Maybe set powder would have been better...

And finally I got an eyeshadow duo in the colour Dolomites.

I love this, particularily the colour on the right. It is really pigmented and beautiful.

And those are all of my purchases! I hope you enjoyed this blog, I love reading about (and snooping at) what people have bought!

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