Paris Day 1

Thursday, 30 October 2014

On Thursday I jet setted off to Paris...not really on a jet though on the eurostar! It still counts as jet setting right?

If you've read my Florida blogs you might realise that Jess and I are seriously into Disney.

If only I was that tanned now...

When Jess and I returned from DisneyWorld Florida we got straight on to organising our next trip....a bit more Disney but a bit closer to home!

DisneyLand Paris. And not just at any time of Halloween!

Jess came over last Wednesday night and we had a sleepover before getting the Eurostar from St Pancras the next morning.

We got there 45 mins before the train departed and headed to Starbucks before going through passport control.

I have fruitbread and a Pumpkin Spice Latte...mmmm PSL

If you enjoy a PSL check out Jenna Marbles video on the topic!
I love her!

We then headed through security to get on the train. We were changing at Lille so got the train towards Brussels.
You can get a direct train to Disney but it is much more expensive. Our were only £89 return each.

The train to Lille is an hour and a half so we killed the time by chatting and watching Halloween beauty tutorials on Youtube. Surprisingly the 4G on my IPAD stayed connected all through the Eurotunnel until we came out the other side at France. Then it said no service. 

We waited 20 minutes at Lille and then got on the train to Marne-la-VallĂ©e/Chessy which took an hour.
This was where I brought the realll fun...


I love Uno. I beat Jess at about 15 games and then she got the hang of it and won 3!
How sad is it that I'm so competitive that I remember how many she won!

The train pulled into the station and we literally walked out of the exit straight into Disney. It is so close by.

We explored the Disney Village and wandered through the shops - probably pissing everyone off with our suitcases!
The Disney Village is made up of shops and restaurants and you don't need a Disneyland Park Ticket to get in.

At Halloween Disney goes a bit mad and you can't look anywhere without seeing a pumpkin!

Look at that little girl photobombing and hating on Jess!

We planned to get a glass of red and some snacks in the Disney Village as we were desperate by now! The Eurostar had been full of football fans as there was some kind of match in France I think. That meant that no alcohol was available to buy on the train! This didn't stop the football chavs from bringing their own can of Stella though!

We kind of failed in our search for wine though. Jess had read good things about Annette's Diner and we were starving so a burger sounded like a great idea.

The service wasn't great as it took forever to get a table, but the decor is fun. It looks like a diner from Grease and the staff even wear rollerblades...maybe they weren't great on them and that's why it took so long to get a table!

The Juke Box took Francs which didn't really make sense...especially as Euros have been used in France for 12 years now!

 When we saw Cherry Coke on the menu there was no point at looking at any other options!

The milkshakes did look very good though!

We love Cherry Coke :)

I got the Eurochick burger without cheese which is chicken, lettuce and tomato (served was an unsightly amount of gerkins - ew) and Jess had a Cheeseburger

They were just what we needed and the chips were those perfect thin french fries that I love.

A slightly naughty lunch/dinner at about 4pm. 

After lugging our suitcases around the shops we figured it was time to go and check into our hotel. We got a cab there which cost us 16euros (I think) whereas the guy's metre said 6!
We also realised on the drive how close we were to Disney...literally a 10-15 minute walk!
We thought before we got a cab that we could walk it but we didn't know the way so I suppose we paid the extra 10 euros for that knowledge!

We unpacked a little...that's a lie, we unpacked our Minnie Mouse ears..

and headed off to the shopping centre.

We walked about 5-10 mins down the road and passed through beautiful buildings that looked very Parisian.

The Val d'Europe shopping centre is massive and it has the Vallee Village outlet shopping centre attached.

We went straight to the outlet section which is run by the same people as Bicester Village I think!

Most of the shops are fancy ones like Versace, but they do have Superdry and Cath Kidson too.

The only place I was really concerned about was Michael Kors.

I didn't go in planning to buy a bag...

But these Hamilton Satchels were so cute and only £180.

They had a million colours and I picked the rose gold and black one. I love it and I took it to a meeting on Monday and it fitted all my a4 documents and everything.
Perfect bag!

Obviously when I got to the hotel it needed a photo shoot!

I love that it can be carried on your arm or your shoulder.


 We then headed inside to go to our favourite shop...Sephora!

Why on earth don't they have one in London!

The main thing I wanted to buy was some more of the facemasks I fell in love with in New York.
I had already got Jess one as a present but she stocked up on another on my recommendation. 

I got two :)

Sephora is so pretty and colour coordinated.
These are their own range of shower gels, hand creams, perfumes, bath bombs etc. 

I got two perfume sprays for my handbag in the smell peony and one bath fizz which I used that night at the hotel. I only have a shower in my flat so I loveeee having a bath!

 We then decided to try and find some wine but on our way we spotted something amazing!

A nailvarnish vending machine!

How cool is that! 

 Jess has just started liking red wine...Just in time for our trip!!

 We then headed back to the hotel and thought we would try out a facemask each.

Step one...tie your hair in a sexy bun.

Step two...wipe off your makeup and be disgusted by the facewipe! 

Step three...cleanse your face!

Step four...pick your facemask!

And slap it on your face... 

So sexy it hurts!

Our faces felt sooo smooth afterwards and we snuggled down in our Disney pjamas to watch a Disney film!

I promise my next blog will have some actual Disneyland Paris time in it!

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