NYC - Day 7

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On my final day in NYC I had a lie in in my gorgeous soft cloud like bed at the Marlton.
I had been up early the day before so a bit of a lie in was breakfast was served until 12 so why rush!

After breakfast I had a final bit of work stuff to sort out before I went back to the UK so I took a couple of hours to do that. On the way though I stopped by Walgreens...I think it was Walgreens? One of the pharmacy/Bootslike shops!

I picked up a Softlips Cube lip balm because I loveeee my one I got in Florida so I thought I would get a spare one.
I like the pomegranate and blueberry flavour. It is so smooth and makes your lips so soft.
I have an EOS lipbalm ball as well which I've always loved but this tops it and is cheaper!

An EOS product I was excited about though was this mini handcream
I just think the shape is really cute and convenient to keep in your bag. Plus it smells nice :)

It was now about lunchtime so I headed off in search of a place called the Hummua and Pitta Co. which I had walked past the day before.

I am a Hummus fan...and I am a Pitta fan so I was looking forward to a yummy but healthy lunch.

First you pick what kind of meat or falafel etc you want.
I went for chicken.

And then you pick whether you want it in a pitta, a kind of thick bread wrap like a naan called a laffa or in a bowl. 
I went for in a bowl and picked coucous and tabouli as my sides

I then had hummus and tatziki with lettuce olives and cucumbers.
 Then it comes with a pitta on the side.
It was so so good. Healthy ingredients but delicious ones which make you feel like you are being naughty!

There are three of these shops in NYC. I went to the one on 6th Avenue where it crosses with 17th Street. 

I cannot recommend these deli style lunch places enough. Roast (the one I mentioned in my day 6 post and this place are so good!

After lunch I walked to the Highline. This place was actually pretty cool especially on a nice day.

It runs from 12th Street to 34th Street and is on the West of the city.

It wasn't a particularly gorgeous day to be looking at the view but at least it was warm.

From 1846 to 1941 the railway tracks ran along 10th Avenue and because they were at street level they killed hundreds of people earning 10th Avenue the name Death Avenue.

In 1934 the decision to make a raised railway line was made...this was called the Highline. These trains delivered goods straight to the factory doors.

In the 1980s the use of trains and the industrial era in NYC ended and part of the Highline was demolished. 

Fortunately a group got together called "Friends of the Highline" and in 1999 they campaigned to preserve the Highline.

It is now a park and also a place for artists to display their work. It opened in 2009 with work continuing on other sections and in September 2014 the final section opened.

Little history lesson for you there! Basically it looks like this:

A park built upon the old railway tracks 

There are random pieces of abstract art sticking up here and there. 

A combination of the old and the new

I walked the whole way down the Highline and then walked all the way back.

By this point my nails which I painted in Sephora at one of their Nail Play areas were looking a bit dodge... so I treated myself to a manicure.

I picked the colour "Berry Naughty" by Essie which I love. So autumny.

The nice thing about this nail place was you got a shoulder massage whilst you had your nails done...I liked that.

I got ripped off though, so I'm not going recommend the place. It was called Think Pink Nails and was on 6th Avenue. I paid $16 plus tip for my manicure whereas the place I went the next day for a pedicure was $8 for a manicure and only $20 for a manicure and pedicure!
Oh well you live you learn. My nails looked nice anyway!

After I'd had my nails done I went to a makeup shop on 6th Avenue which I had spotted a couple of days earlier. Now that I've googled it I don't know what it was called though! Bad blogger! It basically did wigs and hair stuff downstairs and makeup and makeup brushes etc upstairs. It had all the high end gorgeous stuff which I love.

Nearly bought some amazingggg brush sets but settled on a black eyelash glue!
Quite excited to try it out to be honest!

I thought that for my last evening in NYC I would have a couple of glasses of wine by the fire, eat some delicious food in the posh hotel restaurant and then watch a film.
You might think that's a bit lame but it was lovelyyy.

The hotel restaurant is called Margaux and it serves yummy french food.
It is in a kind of conservatory area which is pretty beautiful.
The portion of olives was unnecessarily large though! What a waste.

But the mussels were perfect. They were local mussels from Maine cooked with garlic and fennel sausage served with baguette pieces and vermentino aioli

Yum Yum.

I curled up in bed, watched the Hunger Games, which happened to be on TV and was rather content!

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