NYC - Day 5

Friday, 17 October 2014

On Wednesday morning I woke up early and did some work.

I'd decided that I would head south and walk down to Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty so once I'd finished my work I headed that way and walked down Broadway (peering into all the wonderful shops as I went!)

As you come up to the area where Ground Zero is you can see the Freedom Tower (it is also called One World Trade Center). It is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world and the tallest building in NYC. It is pretty spectacular and reaches into the clouds!

At the bottom of the Freedom Tower there is loads of construction work going on but behind some fencing is this memorial:

I walked round the corner and saw the Ground Zero memorial which to be honest I had no idea what it looked liked, I'd never googled it or anything.  I must say it is a bit creepy feeling. It just feels strange there, especially when you think about how big the water features are and therefore how big the twin towers were.

There were some monks singing which added to the scene as well, but then one of the monks broke off and started taking pictures of them on his iphone...which I didn't expect.

Plus there were loads of people were taking selfies smiling infront of the water features which I found inappropriate.
Not really a place for smiling selfies.

The actually memorials themselves are really beautiful. Watch out if you go on a windy day though! The water sprays back at you!

This was the first memorial

And this is the second

The next place I went to was Wall Street (which is off Broadway)

I liked that they have pieces of the actual wall that Wall Street is named after embedded in the floor and it was cool to see the New York Stock Exchange.

Apart from that it didn't feel much different to London! There were alot of tourists there and I heard some interesting facts from a tour guide who was teaching some American children. I got a bit offended though and wanted to pipe up when one of the children suggested the wall was to keep out the British!  I'm pretty sure it was to keep out the American Indians actualllyyyyy.

Speaking of which, the next place I visited was the National Museum of the American Indian (which is at 1 Bowling Green).

To be honest, I mostly needed a wee, but it was a really good museum. Too much open space though it felt like it needed to be filled up a bit better.
My favourite Disney film is Pocahontas so I do like looking at all the old American Indian things they have.

After I'd wandered round the Museum a bit I went to go and try and get a picture with the big bull on Broadway (not actually on Wall Street as some people think).

This bull was being mobbed though! I couldn't even get close!

These pictures are me standing on my tiptoes as well!

The next thing I did was go and get on the Staten Island Ferry. This goes every half an hour during the day (and every hour in the middle of the night). It is a great way to see the Statue of Liberty for free. 

The only thing is when you get to Staten Island (which takes 20 mins) you have to come all the way back. I did try and wander round a bit of Staten Island and have some lunch there but I don't think I knew the best places to go! Or even any place to go!

When I got back to Manhattan I wandered off in search of some food. I thought that there would be lunch places around Wall Street (as surely the people who work there need to eat! and I was right).found a place called Dig Inn (at 80 Broad Street - there are a few locations around Manhattan).Their motto is "We’re bringing farm-fresh ingredients and top-notch cooking to your lunch break for about 10 bucks.  Everyone deserves to eat well, even on a budget, so we’re serving up real, good food for all."I had a really yummy lunch! Charred chicken on quinoa with couscous with butternut squash and roasted sweet potatoes. 

It was really good. My only comment would be that Americans put way too much cinnamon on sweet potatoes and sometimes it doesn't work! So I didn't eat mine!

After I'd eaten my super yummy lunch I headed to the TKTS booth at South Sea Port. This one has no queue whereas the one in Times Square always has a crazy huge queue!

It is worth going down there just to avoid the queue....however the prices (even though they are 50% off) are still really expensive. It was $90 to go and see Matilda which is still £60 so full price must have been £120.

I gave it a miss and when to WallMart instead to buy some more goodies! Specifically the Kardashian Kollection (which is all awkwardly very very reduced). I don't imagine it sold as well as they thought it would!

I got some Kardashian Kollection lashes for about $4 (I haven't tried them out yet)
The Gold face primer which is £18 on think I got it for $9
And some lashes which annoyingly in America don't come with glue! You have to buy glue separately which I didn't realise...luckily the Kardashian ones had glue or I would have been screwed the next night!

I walked back to the apartment and got ready for dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner!

This place is near Times Square and all the waiters and waitresses are aspiring Broadway stars so they sing whilst you eat. Not just show tunes but also current song.

They were really good and it was a way to hear these songs without paying $90 for a broadway show. They sung all the show tunes and also current pop songs.

I must say though that the food was not the best...nor was the sangria...nor was the wine.

But it was a good way to spend an evening on my own without feelings too lonely. I sat at the bar so I could speak to the bartenders and anyone else who sat at the bar too.

I ordered the pulled pork burger and just didn't eat the bun. Everything else seemed to have cheese on, so I think the menu is for cheese fans!

One of the waiters spent some time with me all evening which was nice, but he asked me to go for drinks after dinner and I gave it a miss...not sure he was my type! Nice to be asked though!

It was a fun evening...probably would have been more fun getting drunk with your friends there..but they ho my whole trip probably would have been more fun if my friends were there!

You just have to make the most of your trip and ignore the fact you are alone!
I don't mind my own company so I still had a great time!

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