NYC - Day 4

Thursday, 16 October 2014

On my fourth day in NYC I wandered up Fifth Avenue to go to Victoria Secret.

I had been the previous day and (prepare for my rant) actually got really really annoyed. 

I thought it would be best to get measured as I didn't know what size I was in the US, they measured me and told me I was a 32DDD (bearing in mind I'm a 32F-32FF in the UK). I probably normally wouldn't go on about my bra size on the internet but it adds context to the story so bear with me!

I tried on a 32DDD and it was definitely too small in the cup size. The woman persisted and gave me two others to try on in the same size.

One of them she convinced me fitted even though it really didn't. And the other one fitted a bit better as it was a different style.
She then told me that there were no others I could try on as they didn't do any other styles in that size...
I then put two and two together and realised the reason why she had tried to convince me so much that these bras fitted was it was the biggest size they did so they couldn't offer me any bigger and still wanted to make a sale...

THEN I went downstairs to try and find the bra I had tried on so I could buy it (she wouldn't let me take the one I tried on to the counter) and the woman downstairs said that they didn't have that size so instead I should wear a 34DD as if you increase the back size the cup size gets bigger.

This is literally one of my pet peeves! I said no - if the back size is bigger it won't fit my back which is between a 30 and 32 anyway. She said oh just wear it on the tightest setting. And I went no, because as the bra stretches you need to tighten it so the bra will be too loose in six months time. She went oh yeah you're right.

Then she managed to find it in the "right size"...which again is actually too small for me.

I spent $100 on two bras and went home annoyed.

So the next morning I went to take the one that didn't fit back.

I don't even know why I bought it - I felt pressured and no one should be wearing the wrong bra size!

Rant over. It literally annoyed me so so much. I think the right size bra is so important.

So I went to Victoria Secret to return this bra and on the way popped into Bath and Body Works.

This was a much more positive experience, I LOVE Bath and Body Works.

Their hand sanitisers, their shower gels and particularly their candles!!

I bought....

Three shower gels which smell so good! It was buy two get a third free and they were about $12 each.
Endless Weekend is: An exhilarating blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwood
Mad About You is: A love-struck pairing of soft peonies & black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk
Paris amour is: Like a romantic stroll through the City of Love, Paris Amour is a dreamy blend of French tulips with a pop of pink champagne


This is how obsessed I am!!!

This is the description:The cozy blend of fine mahogany, cedar, oak and relaxing lavender is like snuggling up in the lodge after a day on the slopes

It is 2 for $20 or one for $12.50

Basically it smells EXACTLY like Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce. The smell that you can smell all the way down the street when you walk past an Abercrombie shop!

I also bought some gifts from Bath and Body Works. I didn't stock up hand sanitisers because I already have three at home, but they do the best smelling ones. 

The one in front of me on my desk at the moment is called Bonjour Pink Bloom!

After my shopping sesh I had a bit of work to do so I sorted all that stuff out. Mostly just cruising round in an SUV wearing all black...
That genuinely did happen...but I wasn't doing any dodgy drug dealing work or something! Ha!

When I got back to the apartment I wandered down 6th Avenue in search of a Henna Shop that I had seen the night before in my cab home from Ellie's flat.

I know it isn't something traditionally touristy to do in NYC but I had a desire to get one!

I might have stopped off at Pink Berry first :) My fave.

I had the pomegranate flavour with strawberries and these weird little balls of juice!
They burst in your mouth which is very odd...but yummy.
I got mango and raspberry!

I then managed to find the shop called Unique Threading Salon which I had driven past the night before. It was lunch time and this place was really busy. It must be the place to go on your lunch break if you want your eyebrows done.
If you need your eyebrows threaded in NYC I would probably recommend all the girls had strong brow game.
They have three locations.
I went to the one on 474 7th. Ave. which is where it crosses with 36th Street.

My henna has stayed on a week so far...and now it looks a bit like I just have dodgy fake tan on my hand and arm!
I think it looked so pretty though so I'm going to try and rope my friend Aneesha (here is her blog check it out ) to do some more for me or show me where it buy it.

At this point I was starvinggg so I walked along to Times Square with intentions of finding Ellen's Stardust Diner (where the waiters and waitresses are all aspiring Broadway stars and sing to you whilst you eat).

But on the way I got distracted by the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
I've been to the one in Florida with my girllll Jess ( )

I sat upstairs looking out over Times Square and very happily drunk a cocktail and ate some coconut shrimp! Yum...I might have then moved onto wine whilst facetiming Jess :)

I got some free mints for answering questions relating to Forest Gump...bearing in mind I've never seen it (shock!) the waiter had to give me a lot of clues!

After lunch I walked down to the HBO shop (6th Avenue and 42nd Street). I wanted to buy a Game of Thrones phone case but they didn't have any :(

If you want anything Game of Thrones, True Blood or Sex and the City this is the place to go but I was disappointed with the lack of phone cases.

Next I walked to Grand Central Station, stopping off to admire the Chrysler Building on the way.

Grand Central was pretty cool and had yummy food in their foodcourt, unlike Victoria Station in London!

My pictures aren't the best but the lighting was dodgy in there!

I then accidentally wandered into Sephora. I decided it was time. I had been very good at the Times Square one and just looked at everything but I was ready to buy a couple of things!

I have been eyeing up a Clairsonic for quite a while but I hear they can be quite rough on your skin and also they are $149! Which is just obscene.

I was looking at all the Sephora own brand things and saw this:
One side is a brush and the other side is little rubber bristles.
It was only $16 and it means that you can just do the work of a Clairsonic yourself!
At the moment I am using it once a day and I think it is really good.

I also bought a face cleanser to go with my brush.
I've heard such good things about the Philosophy products - especially the face cleanser
I usually use facewipes to take off my makeup and then use the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad before moisturising.
But I really want my face to feel really really clean.

This does that, it smells nice and it melts all my makeup off even my mascara.
I love it! I will be repurchasing when I run out.

Finally I got these facemasks which I knew I wanted to buy before I went to the US.
They are material masks so kind of like sticking a wet mask on your face.
I've used the rose one and it made my face feel so soft.
I stocked up on some more on a later date in the trip too!

I called it a day then and spent the evening doing some work and curling up early in bed.
I even forgot to eat in a city where there is so much food!



  1. Thanks for the reference my love! Next time you get henna done, squeeze a few lemon drops onto it and it'll help the colour stay longer. Try that or (weirdly) Vix works really well! Would love to know how someone figured that one out...

    1. She put lemon and sugar water on it. Can you order it online or is it best to go to a special shop? I want to do it myself because to be honest (arrogant) I reckon I can do better than this lady did! xxx


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