NYC - Day 3

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

On Monday night when I got into bed I decided to make the most of my jet lag and get up early to watch the sunrise.

I googled the time of sunrise (7am) and also the time the Rockefeller Centre opened (8am).

I really wanted to watch the sunrise from the top, but figured that I would settle for very early morning light an hour later.

(A little note, if you do want to watch the sunrise, the Staten Island Ferry runs all night so you could watch it from there or standing on the Brooklyn Bridge)

Anyway, I got up and jumped in a cab to the Rockefeller - grabbing a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks on my way..mmmmm yum!

I queued for about 15 minutes to get a ticket (which was $29) and managed to get up the top for 8.20am.

It was the most beautiful clear day without a cloud in the sky and I'm so glad I got up early to do this.

Lots of people say you should go up the Empire State Building, but to be honest, I got such a good view of the Empire State Building and Central Park etc that I think going up the Rockefeller is much more worthwhile.

Add a filter and it's even more gorgeous! 
I think this is my favourite picture from my trip.

When I had finally had enough of the view I decided to walk to Central Park and have brunch at the Loeb Boathouse on the edge of the lake.

To get there you have to walk quite a way through the park (which is huge). It was such a sunny lovely day...

When I was by the fountain I saw the cutest thing! There were all these people standing around and I stopped to see why they were all hovering. They started dancing, so I sat down to watch.
It was a rehersal for a flash mob proposal!
So sweet this guy had put in so much effort and it started with one person and then all the people started dancing and then at the end he got down on one knee (to a woman standing in as his fake girlfriend).
I think when they do it in real time the first guy is going to have music coming out of the boombox.

So romantic. When I got engaged before I had said I didn't want it to be something really big and awkward where everyone watches and stares, so it was just in our hotel room before we went out for dinner up the Eiffel Tower.
Obviously I loved it at the time but now I think I would like something big and romantic where someone puts in loads of effort and makes it a big deal.
Maybe next time!

When I got to the Loeb Boathouse, they told me that they only served brunch on the weekends and weren't open for lunch until 12. Which was a bit annoying as I had walked alllll the way there. They are missing out on making money. I bet a lot of tourists would have brunch there on weekdays.

I tried to go to another brunch place but failed miserably at finding I ended up at the Trump Tower. It is all gold, and to be honest, pretty tacky!

They even have gold trump bars at the cafe:

I ordered french toast and sat by the waterfall.

It was pretty yum but I couldn't finish it all!

I then stopped into Tiffanys at Fifth Avenue (727 Fifth Avenue where it crosses with 57th Street)
I should have had a croissant and coffee in front of it like Breakfast at Tiffanys. But the Trump Tower was next door so I felt like I was close!

A woman standing next to me bout a pair of $134,000 earrings. 
I literally love this necklace:

But I figured it was time to leave rather than re-mortgage my flat! Perhaps Father Christmas would like to get it for me!

I then walked down to Times Square to see how it compared to Leicester Square

On my way I ran into this LOVE sign! I had wanted a picture in front of this so I'm glad I found it! Its at 1359 Sixth Avenue (or Avenue of the Americans which it is also confusingly called) It is where it crosses with 55th Street.

I carried on to Times Square and was dragged along by a throng of tourists

It definitely reminded me of Leicester Square...just taller and with better shops.

I spotted Sephora and couldn't resist!

I wandered round for agessss so excited by all the makeup which I've seen on youtube but never in the shops.

Then I found what I really really needed:
My Frozen nails were getting a bit chipped and Sephora has these little stations where there is a video showing you how to do various nail art patterns and all the colours are there for you to use, plus there is nail polish remover, top coats etc.

It is so handy! A free manicure!

I picked this Marc Jacobs colour in Petra Charcoal. 

I then ran out of Sephora to stop myself buying everything!
I nearly bought a Clairsonic face brush but at $149 I figured that wasn't a great investment!

I walked back down towards the apartment and looked for some lunch on the way.

I spotted Five Guys and knew I needed by fix of Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke!
You will know my love for this if you've read my blog below:

I got exactly what I have in the UK to compare it and I must say it is one of the best burgers I've ever had. One "patty", with mushrooms, ketchup, bacon and lettuce.

YUM! It is so good:

But the show stopper is deffo the Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke

I then had to do some work so after I was finished I headed over to Ellie's flat for dinner.
Her flat is literally a #tardis.
Bearing in mind flats in Manhattan are usually tiny!

We ordered the best take away in the world from a place called Glaze Teriyaki Grill.
It's gluten free and YUM. If you are in NYC and getting a takeaway...get this!
YUM I could eat that right now!

We sat on the sofa curled up under a big blanket, drank peppermint tea and ate our amazing food.
A good evening in my books!

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