NYC - Day 2

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

So my first day in New York was a little disorientated by jet lag.

And my second day was no different, but I powered through and made the most of it!

I woke up at 3am...not a great start, and lay there until about 6.30am hoping that lying still would rest my body and hopefully I would survive the day!

I got up showered and headed out into the city to enjoy New York. 

It was a beautifullll day and I was in the shopping mindset...but first I needed breakfast.

Now if you've read my Florida blogs ( ) you will know that I love IHOP. 

I googled where the only one in downtown New York is (the other is in Harlem!) and headed that way. To be honest it didn't feel like the nicest area and when I got there it really wasn't the nicest IHOP. Not that any IHOP is super fancy, but the ones I've been to in Florida, California and Nevada have been quite bright and airy. This one which pretty dark and I kind of regretted going there. 
Probably a good thing though as if I had enjoyed it I would have gone more than once in the week. If you do fancy it, its located at 235 East 14th Street (in between 3rd and 2nd Avenue). I wouldn't recommend though.

I finished off my breakfast and went for a walk, it was still early and none of the shops were open yet.

It was a beautiful day but pretty chilly! I kind of wished I had bought a scarf and gloves with me!

The shops on my end of Fifth Avenue stillll weren't open so I walked down to Washington Square Park.

It's a pretty cool park with a massive fountain. Very good for people watching. I saw a woman sitting in the fountain on one day! I think NYC has a fair few crazys...but then so does London!

On one day they had protesters of something to do with student debt in the park and I saw a few street performers too. On this day someone had written chalk messages on the floor which I quite liked:

I carried on into Soho and found Broadway, which is the best place for shopping! All the shops were still closed! It was half 10 so I don't know what's wrong with them, its meant to be the shopping capital of the world!

One shop was open favourite place for jeans American Eagle.

These jeans just fit me so well I love them and I had planned to buy a couple of pairs in NYC so I headed in and tried some on.

Fortunately it was buy one get one half price, so two pairs of jeans cost me £42! Bargain! Plus they are really nice.

At 11am it was time for some work.
I headed over to Brooklyn on the subway and spent a couple of hours there.

I quite liked the subway. I particularly liked that it was $31 for a 7 day pass and you can go anywhere. There are no zones or anything. London has definitely been ripping us off, a 7 day pass for only zones 1 and 2 is £31.

The problem I encountered with the subway is there are very few maps. So you have to wander around quite a bit to find one of the "tube maps" so that you know which line to take. That was quite annoying!

I had the afternoon to myself and, to be honest, I needed a wee, so I thought where will have a loo....Bloomingdales!

I got the subway to Lexington Av and 59th Street and exited to Bloomingdales.

The first thing I spotted when I got in..
The Magnolia Bakery

It was already on my list to go to the one on Bleeker Street where Carrie and Miranda go in Sex and the City, but it still excited me to see one of the branches of this cupcake shop!

I stopped myself from going in and wandered off in search of the loo.

Unfortunately I ran into the NARS counter on my way...and literally spent about 45 minutes there, my bladder forgotten!

A lady came and asked me if I needed any help and I asked about the radiant creamy concealer (which I have heard nothing but rave reviews about). I planned to buy this in the UK but when I noticed that it was £7 cheaper in the US I decided to wait it out!

The lady asked me to sit down and she would match my colour. 

The problem is, we then had loads of fun trying out all the products...and I then bought most of the products!

I got:
 the creamy concealer in custard

the light reflecting loose setting powder

 and an eyeshadow duo in dolomites (which is limited edition)

Then as a free gift I got:
a mini Laguna bronzer which I love and really wanted to buy in the big version 

and an eyeshadow primer

I love free gifts :)

This is how my makeup turned out with the concealer, powder, eyeshadow duo in dolomites (below and above) and also a glittery pencil eyeliner, the laguna bronzer, blush in the shade unlawful (below) and the albatross highlighter (also below).

The only thing I'm unsure about is the eyeliner. I'm not really into eyeliner unless I'm wearing false eyelashes.

Finally after parting with my money I found a loo!
Just a pointer, the loos in Bloomingdales are not like the loos in Harrods!
I thought they would be quite posh, but no.

At this point it was about 2.30pm and I hadn't had any on my way out I stopped off at the Magnolia Bakery to maybe have a cupcake lunch!

It is really cool inside.

You can see everyone baking and doing all the icing by hand which I think is a nice touch.

Everything looked so so delicious. But I decided to be a good girl.
And I just had a lemonade. But my god it was a goooodddd lemonade!


It was then time for some more work, so I headed back to the apartment.

After all that was sorted I got ready for dinner with my friend Ellie who lives in New York

I wore my new jeans :) which are really highwaisted and flattering...

But for dinner I threw on a jumper to make the outfit a bit more appropriate. Plus it gets chilly at night! 

Luckily my makeup was already done, so I put on my leather jacket and popped downstairs for a glass of wine.

The waiter (again) loved my accent, so I got some free Pecan Pie which was very very yummy! Fortunately he only gave me a small piece so I didn't ruin my dinner!

I then got a cab down to Nolita to meet Ellie.

We went to Cafe Gitane which is on Mott Street (242 Mott Street to be exact, where Prince Street crosses Mott Street).

I was already told by someone to go to Cafe Gitane at the Jane Street Hotel, so I was glad I got to try out this restaurant.

I expected the food to be Italian, I don't know why, but it is kind of Moroccan.

We both had the "Moroccan couscous with red peppers, potatoes, raisins, toasted pine nuts, hummus, eggplant and chicken" which was YUM! I definitely recommend. It is a cool little place and I really enjoyed the food and getting to spend some time with Ellie.

To finish off the night we went to PinkBerry (on Spring Street) to get some FroYo.
I just ate the tasters mmm and Ellie got a combination of strawberry and something else. I actually can't remember! 

I love Pink Berry so much and later on in the week I did treat myself to one! 

On the walk home we also popped into a place called Rice to Riches! Ellie wanted to show me how weird it is. It is literally a rice pudding shop, with flavours from banana coconut, to cheesecake, to rum and raisin and cookies and cream. Very odd. I had a sample of the regular vanilla one and was very surprised to taste that it was cold.

If it had been warm maybe it would have been nice, but it definitley wasn't my cup of tea. 

If you like rice pudding and you are in New York though, go to Rice and Riches on Spring Street!

We called it a night and I (again) collapsed into bed...silly jetlag!

Such a long blog but it was a very long and productive day!

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  1. I'm obsessed with the Nars creamy concealer! Amaze! So jealous of your trip Nip, looks so good!!


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