NYC - Day 1

Monday, 13 October 2014

I got back from New York today. I was sent for work and am quite exhausted but I completed the project I was sent there to complete - thank God.
I tried to blog whilst I was there as it would have been quite a good project to distract myself from being on my own! But unfortunately my IPAD hates me....or at least hates BlogSpot so I couldn't blog at all.
I literally could have done a blog...but it would have been pictureless with no paragraphs!

Anyway, I am going to split the 7 day trip up into a few blogs so as not to overload you all. Here is what I got up to on my first day!

My flight was at 10.30 from Heathrow on Saturday which unfortunately meant getting up early :( luckily I didn't have to get the tube to the airport and in comfy clothes I headed off:

I had a very nice man in a very nice Mercedes come pick me up so I travelled in style to the airport...not something I usually do!

At Heathrow I picked up my TEP. This is basically a pocket wifi device and mine was set for the USA. You charge it up and then you can sync your IPAD and Iphone to it and use it throughout the day whilst wandering around the city, with this little white thing about the size of an iphone in your bag. The problem I found was it loses its charge after a few hours, but I was in and out of the apartment throughout the day to do work bits so I just charged it up. I think it cost £80 for a week of unlimited internet. The only thing that annoyed me was it didn't like me searching the internet or using google maps...which was helpful. But for emails, facetime, facebook, instagram etc it was perfect.
I'm going off topic! Back to the trip!

Security was an absolute breeze at Heathrow so I was through pretty quick and ready for some breakfast!

I was very restrained and turned down pancakes and bacon for fruit, yoghurt and granola. I figured I would be eating badly in the week and needed to take it easy!

I considered a mojito..but went for coffee

And then I was off! Seven hours later and nearly all of my book (Martina Cole - The Runaway) later I landed at JFK.

It was raining...but as soon as I stepped outside it stopped and the sun came out (and actually stayed out for the entire trip, except the day I left)!  :)

I got into a yellow cab (the fare is a set price from JFK - $52 I think, plus a $5 toll fare and of course a tip!) and headed to Fifth Avenue which is where I was staying. I was thrilllledddd to see how close I was to Victoria Secrets, MAC, Sephora and Barh and Body Works!

Once I'd unpacked a bit....that's a lie - once I had opened my suitcase I showered, facetimed my daddy and headed out into the city in search of food!

I walked up Fifth Avenue and found Madison Square, listened to a live country singer and caught my first glance of the Empire State Building

I then wandered into Union Square where I found a food market. 

Unfortunately there was no food to eat on the spot and satisfy my hunger, it was all fruit and vegetables. There were loadssss of different pumpkins like this:
I love how into Halloween Americans are! 

Continuing to search for food, now literally starving and concerned that the people in the street could hear my tummy I did what no one in a new exciting city should do...

I hit up TGIFridays.

I'm sorry I was just so hungry!

Unfortunately in America they list the calories next to all the dishes.

Ribs were not an option at over 2000 calories, so I looked to the salads:
Oh still 1080 calories? Might give that a miss.

I went for a balsamic chicken salad which I think was 450 but I removed the cheese and the dressing which has to reduce some of that right?

I'm not all obsessed about calories but I can't knowingly eat 2000 calories of ribs!
It was gooooddd salad! I asked for the dressing on the side and look how much there is! Thank god I asked for it on the side!

I washed it all done with a sweet and yummy sangria and had the cherries for my pudding :)
The waiter noticed me struggling to get the cherries out of the glass to eat them...and very kindly produced a whole glassful!

I headed home and pretty much crashed straight into bed. I'm sleepy at the best of times (been known to fall asleep in clubs...yup I'm that person) but jet lag just makes me so much worse!

My Sunday was considerably more busy and exciting than my Saturday so I think it deserves a post of its own!

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