My Second Halloween Tutorial - Youtube Video

Thursday, 2 October 2014

So I started the Halloween season a bit early and did this Halloween Makeup Tutorial:

I did think though, when doing it, that it would be much easier to follow in a video.

So here goes, my first Youtube video.

The tutorial is for a Creepy Doll and I hope you like it.

A apologise for the terrible lighting in advance...but give me a break its my first one!

I've realised, watching it back and editing it, that I do American accents quite a lot and also use the word "Boom" for emphasis and the word "Game" quite a bit. Maybe I should work on that! I edited a couple of the "Booms" out thank God!

You can have one red eye....

Or two...

If you liked the video please like it on Youtube! I'd like to see who actually enjoyed it and whether I should do more!

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