Frozen Luna Cinema at Hampton Court

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I had the funniest evening everrrr yesterday! With my Frozen nails all ready, a picnic blanket and wine in our bag my friend Fran and I headed to Hampton Court.

Hampton Court was once the home of Henry VIII and was handed down through the monarchy until George II. There you are a little piece of knowledge for you! I've never actually been there but I think most schools go on school trips there. It is beautiful!

Not to be creepy but how cute are all these kids dressed up as Elsa and Anna
It was so sweet seeing them all so excited.

When I was little my Uncle Bill used to buy me a new Disney Princess outfit every Christmas. I am obviouslyyy Princess Jasmine (not Mulan like every Disney quiz I ever do suggests!) so I had her regular green outfit and also the purple one she wears on the carpet ride.
If I was little I would TOTALLY want an Elsa outfit!
The event was run by the Luna Cinema and Benefit. So we headed over to the Benefit van to get our makeup done.

They also had these cut outs...
Fran actually bought this liner and my friend Daisy has it too - I hear good things about it!

Then it was time to find a spot for our blanket and crack out the champagne.

And time for the film!! We were sooo lucky with the weather!

It was so nice to get out of london and do something different! We both had the best time! I cannot recommend one of these Luna Cinema events enough. They've also done Mamma Mia which would have been great and maybe a slightly older crowd! Love an Abba singalong!

The train journey home was a bit drunken though....mostly on Fran's part but this is because of my raging hangover from the night before!

Ok byeeeeeee

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