A quick Halloween Tutorial - A bit of blood and gore!

Friday, 31 October 2014

I have another Paris blog lined up but I thought as it is actually Halloween today I would quickly type this up!

For Halloween I am going as Minnie Mouse...but a beat up, cut, bloody version!

Possibly even a bit zombiefied as I have red eyes?

Lets just go with "Dead Minnie Mouse"

Here is my outfit...

All pretty and girly...

I got it off ebay for about £15.

But I want to make it more gorey.

On Tuesday night I had a go at practising a cut on my arm to see whether I could actually manage it and whether it would work on my face!

The products I had bought were:

Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax
Liquid Latex
Thick Blood
and the dribbley type of blood

I started with a clean arm because the wax won't stick if you have any cream or anything on.

I then rolled a bit of the wax between my fingers into a little sausage and pressed it onto my arm. I then pressed down the sides so that it was smooth to the skin with a raised area down the middle. I used the back of my tweezers to press down the edges and then ran them down the middle. You then have a kind of canyon I suppose.

So the edges look smooth and you have a dip in the middle which is your cut...

To set this I covered it in liquid latex. I used a cotton bud to do this as I didn't want to ruin any of my brushes! 

Once that was dry (really dry) I used a cotton bud to put dark red and marroon lipstick down the middle. 

Then in the middle I used the thick blood.

And then ran the drippy blood down it.

As you can see the sides of the latex it is a bit shiney, so I used some powder to make it a bit more matt.

I put some foundation on the edges to try and blend it and then tried to make it look a bit bruised with some eyeshadow in purple and green.

The bruising I think looks fine but the foundation doesn't so I wouldn't do that when I actually do this on my face tonight. I might just use some concealer.

As you can see the scar wax makes it look like your skin has flapped open (sexy) and is raised up so it looks more realistic.

Tonight I'm going to do three scratches down one cheek like some animal has scratched me...maybe Mickey Mouse isn't such a nice guy...or maybe I got too close to Rajah the Tiger...who knows.

I'm also going to do some kind of forehead wound on the other side of my head.
You can use tissues paper with the latex too to give it texture so it looks like torn muscle so I might do that too!

I will be sure to take many a picture...you know me!!

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