A quick Halloween Tutorial - A bit of blood and gore!

Friday, 31 October 2014

I have another Paris blog lined up but I thought as it is actually Halloween today I would quickly type this up!

For Halloween I am going as Minnie Mouse...but a beat up, cut, bloody version!

Possibly even a bit zombiefied as I have red eyes?

Lets just go with "Dead Minnie Mouse"

Here is my outfit...

All pretty and girly...

I got it off ebay for about £15.

But I want to make it more gorey.

On Tuesday night I had a go at practising a cut on my arm to see whether I could actually manage it and whether it would work on my face!

The products I had bought were:

Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax
Liquid Latex
Thick Blood
and the dribbley type of blood

I started with a clean arm because the wax won't stick if you have any cream or anything on.

I then rolled a bit of the wax between my fingers into a little sausage and pressed it onto my arm. I then pressed down the sides so that it was smooth to the skin with a raised area down the middle. I used the back of my tweezers to press down the edges and then ran them down the middle. You then have a kind of canyon I suppose.

So the edges look smooth and you have a dip in the middle which is your cut...

To set this I covered it in liquid latex. I used a cotton bud to do this as I didn't want to ruin any of my brushes! 

Once that was dry (really dry) I used a cotton bud to put dark red and marroon lipstick down the middle. 

Then in the middle I used the thick blood.

And then ran the drippy blood down it.

As you can see the sides of the latex it is a bit shiney, so I used some powder to make it a bit more matt.

I put some foundation on the edges to try and blend it and then tried to make it look a bit bruised with some eyeshadow in purple and green.

The bruising I think looks fine but the foundation doesn't so I wouldn't do that when I actually do this on my face tonight. I might just use some concealer.

As you can see the scar wax makes it look like your skin has flapped open (sexy) and is raised up so it looks more realistic.

Tonight I'm going to do three scratches down one cheek like some animal has scratched me...maybe Mickey Mouse isn't such a nice guy...or maybe I got too close to Rajah the Tiger...who knows.

I'm also going to do some kind of forehead wound on the other side of my head.
You can use tissues paper with the latex too to give it texture so it looks like torn muscle so I might do that too!

I will be sure to take many a picture...you know me!!

Paris Day 2

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Apologies for the little break in my Paris blog! If you want to read what I did on my first day check it out here:


On Day 2 it was finally time for Disney!

We got up and got dressed ready for our first day of Disney (we got a two day park hopper)

Can you tell how happy I am to be back in my bumbag!

It was quite enjoyable to actually be able to do our makeup nicely and not have it sweat off like in Disneyworld Florida!

We had a leisurely morning as we knew we would be at Disney until at least 10pm to watch the fireworks.

We started at Paul's for crepes...where I must say the service was terrible....but the food and coffee was so good!

We always order the same thing as each other! (Except if I have fish or she has cheese!)

The French do know how to do sweet food very well!

Check out these beautiful macaroons..

And pastries...

Once we'd finished breakfast we walked to Disney which was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel

The weather was a little grey but luckily it didn't rain!

We walked under the Disney hotel (where you can stay for an astronomical price) and headed to the ticket booth to redeem our ticket vouchers we had bought online.
The queue took foreverrrr as they had about two people serving. The service was certainly more streamlined in Florida

However when we got through the gates none of that mattered :)

Everything was decorated like Halloween with pumpkins and ghosts everywhere!

We were pretty excited!

Just as we got into the park, the Parade started which at this time of year is all harvest festival themed...

The songs they use for these parades are so catchy you end up humming them all day!

Once the parade was done we walked down Main Street towards the Castle!

This Street is all laid out just like the Florida one, except the castle is different.

 In Florida it is Cinderella's castle and in Paris it is Sleeping Beauty's (which does mean there is a cool surprise underneath it which I will explain in a minute!)

If you walk down under the castle (where that man is in the above pic) you find Maleficent's Dragon!

Round the back there are also all the throny bushes which she surrounds the castle with to stop Prince Philip.
(I assume this is there all year round and not just at Halloween - someone correct me if I am wrong!)

The first stop on our list of rides was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride as we wanted to book a table for dinner at the Blue Lagoon restaurant. The restaurant is inside the ride and you can watch the boats go past as you eat...luckily we managed to get a table! ...so to celebrate we went on the ride :)

Next we went to Jess' favourite bit! The Haunted Mansion.

As it is Halloween Jack the Pumpkin King was lurking around this area but we decided not to queue up for a picture because he was majorly crrepy with a weird shaped head!

The Haunted Mansion is Jess' favourite - we went on it a fair few times in Florida so we wanted to compare!

You queue around the house (under a walkway) and then are taken into the mansion in groups of about 40 people.
You are taken into a room where a creepy man tells you what is going on...it is in French though, so not really sure what was said! The pictures then start to stretch and you are lowered down.

Then you get into the cart for the ride and go off through the creepy mansion.

The Paris one is definitely scarier than the Florida one!

Very appropriate for Halloween!

We then wandered back to FantasyLand and came across the Disney Villains!

I like that at Halloween the Villains get a bit of time!

Our next stop was Alice's Curious Labyrinth

This was a maze filled with Alice in Wonderland things.

It was actually quite tricky to find your way round and occasionally things sprayed you with water when you didn't expect it!

At the end of the maze you come to the Queen of Hearts castle which you can go up and look at the view of the whole park

As we were in FantasyLand we then headed over to Le Pays des Contes de Fees which means the Land of Fairytales

You sit on a boat and are taken round all the miniature fairytales.

Is it sad that I really really enjoyed this one!


Hansel & Gretel

The Little Mermaid

I literally have no clue what this one is... Looks like one of the demons from Fantasia. 


Sword in the Stone (one of my faves!) 

And Beauty and the Beast...

We then stopped for candyfloss!

This is how yummy it was!
Very excited faces!

It was then time for the afternoon parade....it was a bit odd that it appeared to be a light show when it was still light outside but heyho!

We went on a couple of other rides (not really worth mentioning...don't go on the Snow White one it is pretty boring!) and by this time it was dark...

It was nearly time for our dinner reservation...so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean one more time and headed into the restaurant.

We both ordered a cocktail (which were very good) but we were slightly disappointed that the light up tinkerbell some people had on their glass was an extra 6 euros!

Regardless my mojito was yummy - tinkerbell or no tinkerbell!

I started with prawn cocktail 

and for main had the carribean spice chicken with plantain.

Which was really really good.

Nice to eat some food which isn't junk at Disney! I really recommend this restaurant. 
It is set in the "Caribbean" so is tiki themed, warm and dark.
It feels like you are on holiday on a really hot evening sitting by the sea as you can hear the water from the ride. (although it smells like chlorine not salt!)

Just in time for the show we headed out and got a great view of the castle at the front and on the left!

The happiest place on earth :)
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