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Saturday, 27 September 2014

On my way home from work on Friday I popped into Boots to get some face wipes...obviously I didn't just get face wipes oops!

Boots have a deal on at the moment which is buy one get one half price on Sleek makeup. I only heard about Sleek a couple of months ago as my friend Jess has one of their blush palettes.

I already have their contour palette which is literally one of my faveee things so I am a big fan of the brand.

Here are the bits that I picked up:

I got an I-Divine Palette in the colours Storm.
A blush in the colour Rose Gold
A Matte Me lip colour in Birthday Suit
And a lip pencil in Red Sky Night

Let's start with the blush. I've heard a lot about this colour as it is a dupe for NARS Orgasm.

It is the most beautiful blush. Rose gold is a really appropriate name for it because that is just how I would describe it.
It is really pigmented too so you don't need much on your brush.
£4.49 compared to NARS at £20

Next is the eyeshadow palette in Storm

I like that the packaging is simple but it is quite hard to open which I don't like
:( I chipped my nail

I also don't like that the colour names aren't on the packaging, as I will probably lose this little piece of plastic.

The main reason I bought this palette was for the colour Firestorm (top right) I wanted to try a marooney coloured smokey eye.

Another thing I don't really love is the spongey brush thingy. A regular brush would be so much more useful.
I feel like Sleek could improve their packaging design a bit.

However the actual product I really like.
 Here are the colours swatched:

Most of the colours are shimmery, but there are a couple of matte brown shades and the black is matte.

Before you start any kind of smokey eye makeup it is good to put a matte brown transition shade in your crease. It gives you something to blend the colours into and means you don't have a harsh line.

So I like that there are some matte brown colours in this palette.

Next I got a lip pencil. The thing is they don't do testers for the lip or eye pencils.
So looking at this pencil you would thing it was a nude pink.

Not a Barbie pink which it is! So I probably wouldn't have bought this if I'd known what colour it was.
Next to the lip pencil swatch is a swatch of this matte me lip cream:

Now the applicator for this is quite long and straight and isn't the best to be honest, but the product is great!

It is really matte and such a nice colour.
Plus it doesn't transfer!

LOVE it!!!!

Overall Sleek products are really good and really cheap, however their packaging could use a bit of work!

Because of the deal at Boots I got everything so cheap!
I put two products through the till at a time, so I put the two most expensive ones together as you save more money that way.
Love a bargain!

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