Roof Top Bar Hopping

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This Saturday I went Roof Top Bar Hopping...we even hopped into HotTubs!

My friend Rachel came up to London on Saturday and we met our friend Manish at Piccadilly Circus, ready for a day of Roof Tops which he had planned for us as a surprise!

I was already a little hungover from Friday night (BungaBunga - which I highly recommend by the way) so hair of the dog was in order.

We walked along to Trafalger Square and straight away guessed which Roof Top we were visiting first!

Vista is a Roof Top bar I've been meaning to visit for a while. Luckily the weather was nice and we sat for a couple of hours drinking gin and tonics and chowing down on chicken burgers. 

The food was good...but they don't serve chips! I'm not that into chips but I would like the option to go with my burger!

They had some really interesting burgers on the menu including lamb and wild boar. I would go back, hopefully when the weather is a little brighter so I can get some tanning in too!

If you want to visit in the evening you can only book if your party is bigger than 6 people. So that is a little annoying. I imagine if you turn up there on a Thursday night it will be rammeddd.

Our next stop was Radio!

Radio is a bar I've been to before. It is on the Strand in the ME hotel and has a really nice indoor area as well as outdoors. 

Last time I went we had to queue, but it was a much warmer day. We didn't have to queue this time and we sat at the bar as the outside area was full. On the last occasion I had an amazingggg cocktail with peach and white wine. This one:

They have changed the menu so although I picked one with peach and white wine again it just wasn't as nice. I like sweet cocktails and this just wasn't sweet enough. It does look similar though:

We then powered on with our itinerary and went to Roxx which is in the Sanctum Soho Hotel. 

We had a table booked but you can buy tickets online for about £15. The doors open at 3pm but we got there at 4.30pm and met some friends. The layout was a bit odd. It kind of felt like being at someones house party. The music was a bit too loud, the speakers were a bit too close to the tables so you couldn't hear and there was only one loo. 

I did enjoy my free hat though!

We had a good time and fortunately we had brought our bikinis so we jumped in the hottub. The hottub had a maximum 5 person policy though so there was a bit of sitting on the edge, especially as one couple were dead set on making out in the corner of the hottub not letting anyone else have a turn! Once we were in though we had a great time pretending we were in Vegas again.

At about 7.30pm it was time for food so we headed to Nandos and then decided to continue the evening at the Playboy Club with some of Rachel's friends. By this point I had lulled, so we headed back to mine and I had a little nap (which might of continued on the tube) before getting to the Playboy Club.

I used to be a massive Playboy fan, and I still love it! Here I am at the mansion!

If only I had got insideeeee (and if only I had taken my glasses off for this picture!) The Girls Next Door is literally one of my all time favourite programmes. Anywayyyyy, when The Playboy Club opened in London I was super excited and when I went there a couple of years ago it was really busy and I had a great it seems to have slipped down the "cool scale" a bit. There were a number of middle age people dancing to a band. We had delicious cocktails with passion fruit and pineapple, but the club itself needs to step up its game.

After all the day drinking we passed up the chance to go to Sketch and then onto the The Box, and headed home to bed.

A fun but tiring day!


  1. Wow! The open area of this best rooftop bar nyc looks stunning in all the images. It’s my dream to visit there with my friends and to celebrate my 22nd birthday on that place. Is it possible?

    1. That looks amazing - why didn't I go there when I was in NYC!! I think it's possible :)

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