Pay Day and a Day Off = Shopping!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Now I'm not super into shopping. I can't think of anything more stressful than shopping on a Saturday on Oxford Street. I know tourists help the economy etc but God they make Oxford Street horrible. I have a particular hate for slow walkers so this doesn't help the situation!

I also don't understand why some girls get dressed up to go shopping and wear heels?! Why on earth would you wear heels. I avoid heels at the best of times - they hurtttt!

So anyway, I'm not really a "shopper", I definitely was when I was younger, but now I'm an online shopper!

Today, however, I was having my bed delivered! FINALLY I ordered this thing two months ago and have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor! Annoyingly DFS could only deliver to me this morning so I had to take a day off. I had a productive morning though, I did another coat of paint in my second bedroom and once the bed arrived I was really pleased :) isn't it gorgeousss!

It is massive though! The headboard is about as tall as me! But I'm sure once I'm used to having it in the room it won't seem so big. The only issue is my bedroom is the only room I haven't painted yet...and this bed is SO big and heavy that I can't even move it an inch so I don't know how I'm going to paint this room...I guess I will deal with that issue when I come to it and try and find a big strong man ;) 

The bed arrived at about 11 so I still had the whole day to spare! I needed to get a couple of bits so I figured I would go to Oxford Street...but then I remembered the above..that I hate Oxford Street.

Conveniently though I remembereddd that I live quite near Southside Wandsworth Shopping Centre now. I have been there a couple of times when my old flatmate and I used to drive there or go to the cinema there. Now it is only half an hour on the bus and the bus stops right outside my house! Very very convenient. AND the beauty of going to Southside at lunchtime on a Friday was it wasn't busy, there were no slow walkers, the shops were quiet, primark wasn't a boiling hot hellhole of people and generally it was a very pleasant experience! Maybe I'm a convert!?

As it was such a nice place to shop, I might have got a bit carried away. But in my defense all the stuff was quite cheap so I didn't break the its Pay Day! YAY

Here is what I bought!

The first shop I went to was TKMAxx. Everyone always goes on about how good and well priced their Homeware stuff is, especially Egyptian cotton sheets etc. I got some sheets recently so I wandered past them but I did pick up some new teatowels (boring I know, but everytime I cook something I like to wash my teatowel, not if it's like a salad or something but a proper meal!)

Next I bought another lipstick organiser. I already have one but I am running out of space! This was £7.99 which I don't think is too bad, they had lots of different shape ones.
I like that it has a side section for brushes or longer lipglosses
 And it fits in well with my other one:

Next I went shopping in Superdrug - as you already know I can't walk past a Boots or Superdrug without getting something!

If you've read my Dark Autumn Lips Blog you will know that these new Revlon Moisture Stains are awesome! (In my opinion)

So I got another colour, they only have about two red colours which is a bit lameeee as that is my fave but I got this dark red called New York Scene which I will review soon.

The next thing I got was a new foundation. I usually just use a BB Cream on a day to day basis, but on a night out I like to use a foundation. Especially as my BB Cream has SPF in it and therefore if someone takes a photo of you with a flash you get a white face! SPF in foundation and skin products does that, if you use a flash so be warned!
I have heard good things about this foundation, Lauren Curtis uses it and I love her youtube videos
 I got the colour 140 Golden Beige

I also got this lippencil in Honey. It was buy one get one half price on L'Oreal, so that is really why I got it but I actually love the colour its like Kylie Jenner's lip colour.

Finally I got this makeup remover which I've heard good things about. It doesn't have a scent and just feels like you are wiping water over your face but it literally takes off every bit of makeup.

Next I went to Primark.

I've had eyelash exentions for the past few months, but I've let them fall out now. They were too expensive to maintain. So I needed some lashes for my night out tomorrow! Usually I would wear Kimberley Girls Aloud Eyelure lashes but my friend Daisy told me that Primark ones are amazing. So I figured I would give it a go. For £1 they are an absolute bargain!!

I also noticed in the Primark Beauty section that they have beauty blender dupes! I didn't buy one as I already have a Real Techniques one, but I wonder how good they are...

 I bought a mini hairbrush that pops out, like the ones you used to have when you were little! I have lost my mini hairbrush for my hairbag so I need one. It was £1.

Is it wrong that I feel like spending £5 on a piece of jewellery in Primark is naughty! It totally isn't. This is to go with black jumpsuit for tomorrow night.
I like:

 I also bought a pair of maroon jeans which were a bargain! However, they are a little small. And I KNOW that a size 10 in Primark fits me perfectly in jeans so that is a bit annoying. Will just have to do some squats in them or lose some more weight I guess! For £8 I can't be arsed to go back and take them back! Wah though because I really like them. Should have tried them on I suppose!
 I also bought this dark green shirt for £8 which is surprisingly soft!

Finally I went to New Look.
I've wanted a pair of heels with a strap across for a while and New Look shoes are generally quite comfy.

They also had them in wine coloured which I was tempted by but they wouldn't be as versatile.

So that is the end of my shopping blog! I have a couple of things to review now so look out for those!

Lots of love


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