Ok Cupid - an online dating update!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

So if you've read my last OK Cupid blog you will know that I hadn't had success.

Not even a little bit of success.


I'm going to be honest...nothing has changed!

Since I last blogged about this one of my friends has met his girlfriend through OK Cupid and they seem really happy...so maybe it's just me!

Here are some of the cracking messages I have received:

There has been the odd proposal...

And a divorce...
Still not sure what picture this man is talking about...but ignoring his suggestion for 6 days was obviously too much for him to take!

This man has taken it upon himself to change my name...

This one has the name right but has certainly picked someone I look nothing like...

This one has stuck to the obvious (heyyy) and the basic....but clearly never went to school as spelling and grammar have eluded him.

We then have a questioner...but seems harmless.

And then the extreme questioner!

This guy appears to be in denial...especially as I would never entertain a cheese related joke (ew)

And then we just have a creep.

Has anyone else had any luck with OK Cupid? I'm still not sure its my cup of tea!!


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