My manicure must haves and an Essie - Wicked review

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I have always had long nails. I remember being about 5 or 6 in my prep school and my friend Izzy admiring my nails.

When I was 21 I got acrylics and kept them for a couple of years. I don't really know why I got them, they cost money, if one broke it was awful and they were quite a lot of maintenance. The benefit though was that my nail polish never chipped. I could keep it on for two weeks without it chipping, I would only need to repaint them because of the regrowth. Thing is they got too long and talon like this which is just not pretty:
It says Merry Christmas, clearly I didn't know how to focus a picture at Christmas 2011! 
I now hate nails that long, mine are short and square and neat.

Whilst looking for that picture (above) on facebook (mobile uploads) I did find some COOL nails that I used to do before I got acrylics! I think these need to make a come back!

Particularly the coral and white this space.

Anyway this was meant to be a short blog post!

When I paint my nails which is about once a week I use the below products:

This nail file is just the best nail file in the world. No joke. It is made by The Sanctuary and OH MY GOD I've just searched for it and they don't make it anymore! I must never lose (or wear down) this nail file. Why do they still sell a pedicure foot file but not a stupid nail file! If anyone finds where to buy these please let me know!

Once you've got over that shock (and filed your nails down with a substandard nail file) the next thing is this Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm. When I've taken off my nail varnish I rub it into my cuticles. I don't use it daily like it says, just when I take my nail varnish off.

The first thing I paint onto my actual nails is the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Basecoat. A basecoat is important, especially if you use dark or bright colours, as they can stain your nails. I don't really have a preference on brand. This one is good, but I think it is the kind of thing that you notice if it's a bad one (nail varnish peels off etc) rather than noticing if its a good one. My nails don't get stained so lets say it works!

Once my base coat is dry (and the above one does dry pretty fast) I pick a colour. I feel like we are getting into Autumn and its time for boots and cardigans which I loveeee. I therefore felt a dark colour was appropriate. This colour called Wicked by Essie is a really dark purpley red. It looks black, but it isn't its just super dark.

I then use this dry fast top coat by Seche Vite. My bestie Jess recommended this in her blog so I bought it off amazon. I love it! It makes them so shiny. I noticed less chipping when I did my nails last week too so that's good! Plus it does make things dry much faster! (Remember if you buy things off Amazon turn on Give As You Live which I'm assuming you've all signed up forrrr!!)

Voila. Shiny neat, short gorgeous nails. Perfect for Autumn. Or if you're American - Fall!

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