How to: Zebra Nails

Friday, 26 September 2014

My waterfall flame nails were looking a bit I figured I would rock the zebra.

I actually have a little kit that does zebra, leopard, lace etc nails. Which is really good.

I got it in Florida a few years ago and you can buy lots of different stencils. I have Christmas ones too!

But today I thought I would freestyle.

The things you need are:
 Nail varnish remover
Cotton Pads
Nail art brushes
Black nail varnish
White nail varnish

I picked Barry M - nice and cheap!

You also need a base coat and a top coat

I started by taking off my chipped nail varnish, cutting my nails shorter and filing them in a square shape.

I then applied a layer of base coat.
This one from Nails Inc dries really fast.

Next paint 2-3 coats of white nail varnish. (I used three)

Then, put some nail varnish remover on a pad and put it to one side (on a piece of plastic or something so it doesn't damage the table)
This is to clean your brush during the whole stripe process.

I picked my smallest brush:

It is helpful to have a picture of zebra print for reference.
I googled this one:

Now basically copy the above onto your nails by dipping your brush into the black paint. 

I had to go over the stripes so that they looked very black and not grey.


Then just add your top coat (once they are COMPLETELY dry - otherwise you smudge the stripes) 

The stamping kit from Konad gives a neater results, but I liked doing this myself :)

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