How to: Waterfall/Flame nails

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Last week I tried water transfers to make my nails tartan... I didn't, however, really think about the Scottish Referendum and therefore it looked like I was for a Yes vote! Oops!

I bought these water transfers from Nail Bird on ebay. They have a million designs. If you want One Direction's faces on your nails you can.... but just a warning they are really hard to put on! It might get easier with practice, but basically you cut out the transfer put it in water, slid it off the piece of paper (like with a temporary tattoo) but then had to pick the transfer up out of the water and place it on your nails! Not the easiest thing I've ever done.

This week, instead of trying to deal with the above, I went for more traditional nail art using nail art brushes:

What you need for this nail tutorial is:

A base coat
A top coat
5-6 different nail varnishes in complimentary colours

Cotton pads
Nail varnish remover
A nail art brush, or you could use one of those little wooden nail sticks and dip in the varnish but it won't be quite so easy.

These are the colours I chose:

Rimmel - Celebrity Bash for the main colour
 Essie - Lacquered Up
 Essie - Wicked
 Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy
 Barry M - Shocking Pink
 And then after starting I added in Barry M - Bright Pink to have something a bit lighter

Start by painting on your base coat:

 Then when that is dry put on two coats of your "main" nail colour.

Then get a nail brush and start with your darkest colour. Paint three little flicky lines from the base of your nail up.

Then pick your next colour and do the same:

Keep going with all the colours, it takes a while, just a warning. I watched a bit of Prison Break Season 1 whilst I did mine!

Add your top coat:

And you're done! 

You can do your toes too if you like :)

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