How I Fake Tan: Garnier Spray Review

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

When I first moved to London 5 years ago I had never fake tanned. Well that's a lie actually, at my school in the summer we used to do just our legs with Piz Buin fake tan. I can remember the white bottle and we all wanted tanned legs in our white tennis skirts. I was about 15 I think and I have no idea why we just did our legs! Surely we looked bizarre with really tanned legs and no colour on the rest of our bodies.

I had never "properly" fake tanned is what I mean, I used to just use Rimmel Instant Tan on a night out. However, the issue with Rimmel is if it comes off! And you look dotty!

Then my friend I met in London introduced me to such things. I started using Xen Tan in the cream formula, which I liked but I then upgraded to St Tropez in the moose and used latex globes to put it on rather than a mitt. This is still my favourite tan, but I haven't used it for a couple of years because it is quite expensive and I just never get round to buying it. Plus I haven't really fake tanned that much over the past two years. I got a bit slack in my last relationship and spent a lot of time in the country, so tanning didn't seem important!

Earlier this year I read some reviews about the Garnier Ambre Solaire spray tan and thought I would give it a go!

I do quite like it and at about £7 it is so much cheaper than St Tropez at £20!

It is a spray as well so it takes no time at all.

I start preparing the day before and exfoliate my whole body with Lush Ocean Salt Scrub in the shower. If I need to shave my legs I do this the day before too. If you do it the day you tan then sometimes the tan sinks into your pores where you've shaved.

I always tan in the evening as it develops overnight, but it does make your bed smell so don't do this when you've just put clean sheets on or anything. All tans claim not to smell...but they ALL do!

I start by making sure I have my pjamas ready. These need to be long sleeved (or at least the bottoms need to be long - no shorts!) and they need to be baggy. Maybe don't pick white ones either!

Next put your hair up in a bun (I always put some hair conditioning treatment in it too so it conditions overnight).

Then take off all your makeup

Then moisturise (I use the Vaseline cocoa butter spray) the dry bits of your body.

Feet (as they often get a bit orange if they are dry)
 Knees and elbows
Hands and forearms

You don't want orange forearms because naturally when you lie in the sun they don't really tan.

Then I get in the shower, which means you aren't spraying your whole bathroom orange! 

It is hard to take pictures of the next bit...!

For some reason I always wear knickers when I tan. I like to see the tan lines, and I would never sunbathe without my bottoms on so I figure those bits should always be white! I don't wear a bra or bikini top though or anything!

I start from the bottom of my legs and use long spraying movements from the top to the bottom of my legs making sure you get the back of your legs too. 

I kind of ease of the spray as I get to my feet as if you are going down your legs in stripes your feet will get sprayed more than once and end up darker than the rest of you.

Then I do my tummy, boobs, side of my body and my back. Make sure you don't miss anywhere, even your armpits! The benefit of a spray is it is very easy to reach your back.

Then I do my arms using the same long spraying movements and fading off when I get to my hands.
Then I do my neck and face. I use three sprays to do my face, one down each side and one in the middle.

It is quite easy when you get the hang of it and overall it takes about 10 minutes

As you can see from the sheen, afterwards you are a bit wet and sticky.

I use a dark towel to wipe my forearms and hands and then I use a baby wipe to wipe my palms.
Remember also to wipe the bottom of your feet or you get this issue...
And believe me, I've had it worse than that before!! At least no one sees the bottom of your feet!
You wouldn't get this issue if you did this standing on a carpet, but on a tiled floor or shower floor you do!

I wait about 10 mins for it to dry off before putting on my PJs. Remember to brush your teeth before you tan if you are one of those people who gets toothpaste all over your face!

And this is the colour the next day:

I used the Original Intense one. 
I also have the Medium colour but it doesn't do that much for me! I feel like you end up smelling for not much of a result!

The only issue I have with this tan is there is no colour guide, so the spray you spray on is basically clear. So you don't really have a way of seeing where you have sprayed. With the St Tropez moose you do and you can clearly see where you have applied.

I would overall recommend St Tropez, so when I have finished up my spray I will buy that again I think! (Or maybe Father Christmas will!)

So perhaps this is a more of "tanning routine and how to avoid the pitfalls" rather than a recommendation of the Garnier Spray!

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