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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Has anyone got the App TimeHop? 

It basically uses your facebook, twitter and instagram information to show you flashbacks of what you did on this day, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 7 years ago etc! 

Obviously it depends on how long you have had all of those social media thingys for!

I really recommend downloading it, but the only issue is when it gives you flashbacks to two years ago when you were in Vegas and now your notttt WAH!

One of mine this weekend was of this picture:
This was from September 2011 at my friend Hannah's birthday. 
(Please ignore how round and fat my face is, I clearly didn't realise I needed to sort that out!)

This weekend it was time to do it all again for Hannah's birthday and "reunite the girlband"!

I thought I would do a get ready with me blog.

I started the night before by tanning:

I had also already done my nails the night before:

And then I whitened my teeth:
I use Crest strips, which I buy in America or from Ebay. I don't use them that often, maybe once every six weeks, but I do think they really work. Just watch out if you leave them on too will hurt like a bitch and be super sensitive!

When that was done (about 35 minutes) I peeled it off and brushed my teeth.

Whilst the Crest strip did its work I picked my outfit:
Most of this I got on my shopping trip:
(God I'm linking blogs all over the place aren't I!)

The necklace is from Primark and it was £5

The jumpsuit is from BooHoo for £15

The shoes are from New Look for £19.99

Time for makeup!
I started with my base and used the following products:
Smashbox primer
Bobbi Brown Corrector
Bobbi Brown Concealer
MAC Strobe Liquid
Maybelline highlighting concealer
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
Real Techniques Miracle Sponge
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I use the primer first and then apply foundation all over my face with the miracle sponge (which I've already wet and wrung out) I then apply the Bobbi Brown corrector and then concealer under my eyes. I use the Maybelline highlighting concealer under my eyes, on my cheek bones, down the centre of my nose and on my cupids bow. I then use the strobe liquid on my cheekbones too.

Sleek Contour Kit
Wet and Wild Fergie Powder
Hot Mama Blusher from the Balm
Clinique blushes

I contour with the bronzer and then add blusher. I then use the Fergie powder under my eyes.

I then use this gorgeousss highlighter. Estee Lauder Heat Wave which I think was limited edition.
It is beautifullllll.

This is my face finished, before any eye makeup or eyebrows!
(Whenever I do my makeup I wear something that you don't have to pull off over your head afterwards!)

I then started on my eyes.

I knew I was going to do a bold lip so I kept my eyes simple. I started with my Urban Decay primer. Then I used the lightest colour under the arch of my eyebrow and where my tear duct is. I then used the third colour in (the pale matte brown) all over the lid and added the fifth colour (darker matte brown) in my crease.
I then put a thin line of liquid eyeliner along my lid but with no flick.

I then had a drama. My friend Daisy recommended lashes from primark. I didn't like them at alllll. The glue and I just did not get on. I will try again with a different glue but I just got annoyed with the silly glue so I reverted back to my Kimberley Girls Aloud Eyelure lashes which I know I like.

I filled in my eyebrows with my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade which I LOVEEEEEEEE!
And then my makeup was done!

Next for hair. I have Foxy Locks Hair extensions in Brown/Black
And they match perfectly!

I decided that I wanted my hair in a high ponytail, which I know is something people with clip in hair extensions struggle with. 
It is actually so easy. I used to try and clip them in with my head upside down so the hair fell in the right direction and it would always just go wrong!

Now I have the answer!!

Take a square of hair from the back of your head. This should be where you want the base of your pony tail to be, so mine is quite high up. Tie this in a tiny pony tail. Not a super tight one though as you want to be able to slip the hairband off later.

Then clip your hair extensions round this piece of hair. Just clip them in a circle round it and keep going until you have clipped all your extensions in (or as much as you want). Once you have one piece secure just clip on another piece. Try and keep them close to the tiny pony tail you have made as it will make your pony tail smoother.

Once you have all your extensions in pull the hairband out from the centre.

Lean your head back and tie it up in a pony tail like you normally would.

You then have a really sleek long pony tail and you can't even see the extensions: 

If the above doesn't make sense then here is a video:

Here is the finished makeup.

But I added on a dark lip to make things more interesting as my outfit was quite covered up.
I used:
Barry M lipliner in 117 Wine
Revlon Colour Stay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion 

And here is my outfit:


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