First trip to NYC!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm off to New York in four days on an impromptu work trip!

I only got told a week ago that I was going and I've never been before so I made a list (with the help of some friends) of all the things I want to do.

Keep an eye out for my NYC blogs! I am going on my own so I will probably have plenty of time to blog about what I've been up to in any free time that I do get there!

Here are the things I want to do. If anyone has any suggestions then please please let me know!

I wanted to go up the Empire State Building but I kind of think it is a thing you do as a couple (my friends told me off for saying that!!) but I just think I might save it for when I go with another person (friend or otherwise). I was also told that going up the Rockefeller Center is much better as you get a view of the Empire State Building! So I'm going to do that :)

Just look at that gorgeous view!

The next thing I want to do. As per the above picture is go to Central Park! Apparently there is a cute cafe in the middle of the lake called the Loeb Boathouse. I definitely want to go there.
I think its where they sit in the film 27 Dresses? Not sure! Yes - I just googled it, it is!

Next I want to walk along The Highline. It used to be an elevated railway line and is now a park in the Upper West Side. How cool is that:

It is also really near Carrie Bradshaw's actual apartment (the one they used for filming). So I want to stand outside her apartment and have a picture...not sure who I will ask to take pictures of me! I may need a selfie stick!

Next I want to go on the Staten Island Ferry so that I can see the Statue of Liberty. This is apparently free!

To keep up the Sex and the City theme, I want to go to the Magnolia Bakery and eat a cupcake and also the NY Public Library to see where Carrie nearly married Big!

I want to go to Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue and then all the big shops: Sephora, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Saks

I also want to go shopping at Century 21 which sells designer brands at cut prices. Very nice :)

Next I want to see a Broadway Show. I feel like that is something I can do on my own in the evening, when I'm not going to be working and will have a bit of time. I've seen Wicked a few times before but I bet its really good in New York! I'm just going to go to a ticket booth on the day and see what is cheap. Apparently the TKTS booth on South Street Sea Port is really quiet and you don't have to queue. Whereas the Times Square one is really busy.

Obviously I need to see Times Square though and the Naked Cowboy!

Ellen's Musical Diner has aspiring broadway stars as the staff, and they sing to you whilst you eat. Just like in Glee! I am a big Glee fan so I am deffo going here for a meal.

What next. I want to go the HBO shop and get a Game of Thrones phone case!

Ground Zero is probably also a must, but I imagine it would be quite sad and eerie on your own. I can't not go though. 

On a more positive note, I want to go to the big red LOVE sign - and again awkwardly have some random take a pic of me!

I want to go to 90 Bedford Street too and see the building from Friends!

And go to this shop!
The Elvis sounds like a bit of me!
Yum YUM! If anyone has any other recommendations please let me know!!



  1. Magnolia Bakery is delish! I used to buy cupcake and then walk to the Rockafella Centre and eat them there. The Ground Zero area is so sad but it's nice to go to now they have the tribute there, take issues though! Cycle in Central Parlk but watch out as the bikes don't have brakes, you have to cycle backwards to stop! Go to Bryant Park where NY Fashion Week is, it's a nice park. Lastly- GET A TATTOO! :)

    1. Get a tattoo! You crazy personnnn. Vix and Rich would not love that! Thank you for the tips :) Find a fit man who will buy me Cartier jewellery...?


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