Somerset House and a Salsa Date...

Saturday, 2 August 2014

We were due to have a staff BBQ at my boss' house on Friday but he hasn't been well so we had to cancel it. As our plans had been cancelled my friend Fran and I decided to make the most of the nice weather!

The absolute perk of our jobs is that (if we have finished all our work) we can leave at lunchtime on Fridays. Normally I volunteer with the Cardinal Hume Centre on Friday afternoons. I help out with the homework club, which means helping age 5-11 year olds with their homework for a couple of hours. It is such a great service as some of the children don't have environments at home where they can do their homework productively and often their parents first language isn't English so they need some help.

BUT... it's the summer holidays so no homework!

Fran and I went to the Terrace at Somerset House and drank prosecco in the sun which was so nice!

The night before a new tinder man - let's call him salsa tinder man - asked me to go to his birthday party at Annabel's, I was at salsa so I didn't go but whilst on the Terrace he messaged me again asking me for a drink that night (Friday).

I first spoke to him back in April and I found out he was from Chile/Argentina and could dance! We had planned to go salsa dancing but never got round to it.

Now I'm back on tinder, he was the first guy I messaged to see if we could go dancing!

So I headed home from the Terrace, made myself pretty.

I had planned on wearing this outfit from Motel Rocks which I loveeeee, but last minute I changed into an off the shoulder black body from boohoo and topshop jeans with my super high Carvela Kurt Geigers. I am actually really glad I changed or I mightttt have been overdressed. I will have to find another outing for the striped look...who wore it better, me or Queen B!

I then headed off to the Bluebird on the Kings Road. He owns an events company and was holding an event there so I went along. It had been the plan to meet there then leave to drink somewhere else but somehow we were there for a few hours. We drunk copious amounts of champagne, did card tricks with the magician who was there (amazinggg - I have no idea how he did them) and got to know each other a bit.

We decided we wouldn't tell his employees and suppliers that we were on our first tinder date so we made up that I was a Tiger Tamer and he wanted me to work at his events ..probably wasn't my best choice of job as everyone was so interested and I had to work pretty hard on my lie! I did well though lol! Fortunately I know quite a few facts about tigers. I did feel a bit bad though that the magician and his business parter gave me their cards as they want me in their show!! Oh shit...they also now have my number...not sure what to do if they call me!

At about 11 we got a cab to La Floridita to dance. I was wearing these shoes which was not the best choice! 

I therefore didn't do any double spins but did manage to spend a few hours dancing. It was so nice going to a salsa club and dancing with someone new!

He wanted me to go home with him...obviously, but I declined...I'm not that girl...


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