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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On Friday afternoon I had an appointment at the Michael Van Clarke salon.

I first went to Michael Van Clarke in April after a recommendation from Jess' mummy.

A girl called Summer who has been trained at the salon cut my hair and took my Michael Van Clarke virginity! She is part of the bridal team and also assists the higher level hairdressers when needed.

At the salon they all cut the hair dry (the diamond dry cut) which allows them to see how the hair naturally falls and I must say that I've never had a better haircut.

I am trying to be better and book in for a cut every eight weeks rather than leave it for months which is what I used to do!

So I wandered through the beauty of Marylebone to the salon.

A gorgeous London summer day.

Until I reached the salon on Beaumont Street.

The salon is gorgeous and you can get yours nails done and order food whilst you get your haircut, which I am yet to try but sounds like a decadent treat!

Summer took a look at my hair (four day hair hidden with dry shampoo!!) and decided to wash it before cutting it rather than the other way round! We both agreed that it is just a waste to wash your hair the morning of the day when you are going for a haircut! So I think she forgave me for my grubby hair.

The shampoo chairs are like none I've ever tried as they are massage chairs, so you get a nice back rub with your feet up whilst your hair is being washed. I love people playing with my hair and washing it for me.

I am still trying to grow my hair even longer so Summer just took a bit off. We were both impressed with how much my hair had grown since April so maybe this 8 week business does work!?

After drying my hair she cut my hair then blow dried it and curled it with tongs.

I love that you aren't rushed and they take the time to style your hair perfectly.

I left the salon with a bottle of the prewash treatment in my hand and a spring in my step, flicking my hair at every opportunity.

I bought the travel pack of the three more inches range in April (shampoo conditioner and pre-wash) but I have used it up. I felt the shampoo and conditioner weren't anything to write home about but the pre-wash treatment is very good.

I put it on the night before when I know I'm going to wash my hair in the morning. Then it sinks in over night. Or you can just put it in for an hour before you wash your hair. Sometimes I use it on the beach and leave it in all day.

Here is what the box has to say: 

I really recommend the salon. As a person who's always just got her hair cut when there is an offer on at any salon (cheapskate) I now understand the joy of really enjoying the hairdresser experience with someone who understands your hair!

Summer costs £35 for a cut and blow dry and the prewash treatment is £29.
Obviously if you want a higher level hairdresser you can pay anything up to £375 for Michael himself, but as Summer was trained by him I'm very very impressed and think the price is incredibly reasonable.

Don't go booking out her Friday afternoon appointments though! They are mine!

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