Lush Products Review - Salt Scrub and Enchanted Eye Cream

Monday, 4 August 2014

I spent the day on Sunday looking at this gorgeous view and having a drink then a nap in my friend Rachel's sun house....I am SUCH an old lady, but it was lovely:

I got the train back to London in the evening and stopped off at Lush in London Victoria.

I really like Lush's bath bombs, but I've never really used any of their skin care stuff. I had heard a lot about their Ultrabland Rose Facial Cleanser ( but they didn't have any which was disappointing.

As I was in there I thought I would try out their ocean salt scrub (which I've heard great things about) and their enchanted eye cream (as I feel like I'm getting to the age where I need one!)

The eye cream is described as: Bewitchingly beautiful, smooth this extremely gentle, fine blend of organic oils and soothing honey around the finest area of your skin. Simple refreshing and softening.

I've tried it out, but can't give a proper review until I've seen the results. It did go on very smoothly and didn't have a very strong smell which I liked. It comes out in a little pump as well which I thought was handy as I always find creams tricky to get out of jars as they just get under my nails!

The Sea Salt Scrub I loved
It is described as: Does your face feel washed up and abandoned? Get it ship shape with coconuts and lime.

I thought it would be a hard scrub that you scooped out but it was more of a soft whipped up kind of texture. If that makes sense.

It says that you can use it on your face and body. I started by trying it on my face. 

I thought it was quite a rough scrub for your face (which I personally like, I just don't scrub too close to my eyes where the skin is sensitive) but people with sensitive skin might want to stick to just using it on your body.

I used one of these flat facial sponges to wipe it off with, and then moisturised afterwards. Just a note, do not get it in your mouth it tastes so salty and nastyyyy!

This morning I tried it on my body. I wet my body and then turned the shower off and scrubbed all over before washing it off.

When I got out of the shower I then moisturised with the Vaseline Spray and Go Cocoa Butter moisturiser

I love these, they make moisturising so quick and easy! The scrub made my skin feel so SOFT, I am definitely a convert and will be repurchasing when I run out. I got the big tub which was £13.25 - it was worth it! 

I recommend!

The next thing I want to try is the Dove Purely Pampering Body Oils. My friend Jess has blogged about them here:

I feel like they would really compliment this scrub well, particularly the pistachio one.


  1. Love love <3 i really would like to try the spray & go! I may even purchase one tonight! Xx

    1. The spray and go are sooo good. I'm on my third can!


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