How to: Wash your make-up brushes

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Washing your make-up brushes is something you are meant to do once a week. I'm not that disciplined, maybe every two weeks if that.

I am determined to be more on top of this though and maybe do it as a Sunday night job.

Everyday you use your foundation brush (or beauty blender, or sponge or whatever!) on your skin and just think of the bacteria that probably lives on that brush. Everyday you are rubbing that bacteria onto your skin, so it just makes sense to wash your brushes.

The brushes that I use on a daily basis needed a wash so I thought I would document it!

From top to bottom:
Chanel Bronzer Brush
Clinique Bronzer/Blender Brush
Clinique Powder Brush
Clinique Blush Brush
Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Calvin Klein Eyeshadow Brush 2 (Shading and Blending)
Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush
Laurelle Small Eyeshadow Brush
Emite Makeup Brush (for lipstick) L312

I either use an antibacterial handwash or a shampoo to wash my brushes. Shampoo makes them softer, but handwash I think probably cleans off the bacteria better....I therefore alternate!

First. Wet your brush. Keep the brush pointing downwards as you don't want the glue where the bristles are stuck in to get sopping wet! 

Second. Put a blob of shampoo or soap on your hand.

Third. Swirl the brush in that shampoo, I usually swirl it on my palm first and then swirl it on my fingers. That way you can use the ridges in your fingers as a texture to rub the bristles against. 

Just look at the colour that comes off that brush! It is my bronzer brush I use everyday so that will be my excuse! That isn't the colour of my foundation or anything!
Rinse the brush and repeat the swirling process, adding more shampoo/soap if you need. My bronzer one usually needs more than one session! Once the water runs clear from your brush, its done!

Keep going with all your brushes. 

For brushes which look like the below (or similar) do not get water in the gap where the metal section meets the plastic section. Just where my thumb is, or you will loosen the glue that hold the bristles in place.

 When each one is clean squeeze out the excess water and line them up hanging over the edge of the sink.
With eye-brushes it takes much less time and you can do more than one at the same time.

All nice and clean :)

And if you are like me and redecorating, you can do your paint brushes at the same time! 


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