How to - Party Like an AMERICAN!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

This weekend I went to an American House Party...not actually in America though, in Kent but it was pretty damn American.

It was my girl Zahra's birthday and she had an epic day lined up for us...

The first thing you need for an American House Party is obviously an American outfit! I was a cheerleader.

I considered being Britney back when she was trashy (trucker hat, denim shorts, uggs, starbucks cup!) or a Backstreet Boy (white trousers, a white shirt and corn rows)(which would have been pretty amazing). But I settled on a cheerleader, to be honest it was the easiest! I borrowed my friend Rachel's outfit so I'm afraid I can't say where it is from.

Here are a few of us. We are: the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, an American Football Player, a Disneyland Tourist, a Cheerleader, a Sporty 90s American (? I think that is how I would describe that) and another American Football Player

The next thing you need is red cups! You can get them off Amazon

The next thing is a beer pong table! If not, a table tennis table, or actually any table at all will work perfectly well!! 

And they also actually sell the red cups there and many other things you never knew you needed!

We were split into teams for the day and given loom band bracelets that match our team colour! We then had drinking games. The first the white team (Delta) obviously won! The first person downs their pint and then turns it over on their head, then the next person goes etc etc you get the picture!

Next was pass the parcel. Under each layer was an instruction rather than a present, with notes such as:
Down three shots,
Lick the person to your left's ear
Take a gulp of everyone's drink who is here (the one I got)
Swap clothes with the person next to you.
Etc etc...

It was good to have structured games so that everyone got involved!

Next - Not sure if this is particularly American, but if you want to recreate our day you need two sumo suits! 

 Next you need a Justin Beiber to attach yourself to. For some reason we were tied to people (I had had a few drinks at this point) Luckily when I needed a wee I was attached to a girl!

Next you need some GIANT marshmallows, skewers and a fire. Preferably get someone to bring a guitar and you can sing songs together!
If you want the really big marshmallows like we had you can get them from Tesco and Asda (in the Amercan section), or online.

Finally if you want a really great time, you need an adorable puppy like this oneeee!!

Thank so much for an awesome day Zahra!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

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  1. I have reserved venue space nyc for my wedding anniversary celebrations but I am very worried about the music and looking some good songs for dance which I can play. Please give me advice.


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