Halloween - My First Make-up Trial

Friday, 29 August 2014

My last blog post was all about Halloween.... and it got me in the mood!

There is only two months to go, so it's acceptable to start trying out options now right?

I started off as a regular glasses geek girl....

but ended as something much more fun!

I started with my regular face make-up (as I had been as work) but if I was to recreate this I would put more time into my base.

I started with my contour. I assumed I would be wearing this at night so used a smoky grey contour, which would look a bit weird if you wandering around in the day but at night should just make you look gaunt and creepy!

I used the smoky grey colour called GunMetal from my Naked Palette from Urban Decay.

 I then contoured my cheek using this colour and a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Once I had the colour on to define my cheekbones I used a small fluffy highlighter blush to blend it downwards and therefore "sink in" all of the jawline below the grey line.

 Next using a lip liner brush (or whatever you have) and black face paint, fill in your lips in black and start outlining your new squiggly mouth.
 Then fill this in, dragging the squiggles out so they are longer than just little pyramid shapes.

Bring the line up to join your cheek contour and extend the "mouth"

Next take some sellotape.

 And stick a piece under each eye. This means that when you do your smoky eye you will have a nice crisp line. I use this trick when doing night out smoky eyes too.

I then used the black and grey from my Naked Palette to do a basic smoky eye (it doesn't have to be neat). I just put the grey all over the eyelid and then deepen the crease of the eyelid with black. I then peeled off the tape and you can see below the clean line the tape gives.

Using the pink and purple from the below palette (which is from H&M of all places) I lined my lower lash line and then smudged along the crisp black line which already made up my wing.

I then added Kimberly Eyelure Girls Aloud lashes to my top lashes. And Foxy Locks lashes to my lower lashes. (To apply lower lashes you literally just turn them upside down once you have applied the glue and glue them as close to your lower lashes as possible. Do NOT stick them to your water line, but underneath on the skin under your eye.

I then added in my red contacts and blonde wig.

And voila, you have turned yourself into...something... Urm. Legolas Greeleaf's vampire wife?

Alternatively you could keep it more dark and ditch the wig. But I think contacts are a necessity regardless of hair colour!

If you have any recommendations on what I should try for my next trial let me know!

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