Halloween - Fancy Dress Outfits!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

As you might have realised from all my Florida posts, my friend Jess and I LOVE Disney!

We had such an amazing time at DisneyWorld in Florida that we couldn't wait to organise our next trip...

DisneyLand Paris...FOR HALLOWEEN!!

At Halloween they decorate everything and have parades with all the villain characters rather than the good ones. It sounds right up our street.

We've booked a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) and are going to spend two days at the park. So prepare from some EPIC blog posts in two months time!

I spent some time today thinking about what I want to be when I go out in London this Halloween. Here are my outfits I have had since moving to London:

2013 - A dead Queen of Hearts

2012 - A Vampire

(no-one else dressed up so I had to tone it down a bit!)

2011 - A Fallen Star? That is probably how I would describe it! 
The first night out (Friday)

And the second Saturday...which got a bit more bloody! And apparently, slutty looking!

2011: A bunny. With my boyyysss

2010: I was definitely in London but I didn't do anything... LAME!

This year I am definitely planning something a bit more extreme...Maybe a mouth like this:

Still got to keep it sexyyy though so I think I would adapt such things! This girl Lex has her own youtube channel called MadeYewLook.

She is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG I've literally watched all of her videos. She is so talented it is unreal!!!

We have two months to go but I might have to start trying things out soon! LOVE fancy dress!

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  1. I like seeing how people are dressed for halloween and would love to try something like that but I have no idea what to be or how to dress up. Great post and the pictures are so nice.



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