Five Guys vs ShakeShack

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

As I said in my Sister Sleepover Blog ( ) Jess and I visited Five Guys last Sunday.

Five Guys is an American style Burger place in Covent Garden/Leicester Square. I swear Burgers have been the new trend in London in 2014. Burger places seem to pop up everywhere, all in competition with each other.

I am not really a burger person. I don't like those thick burgers that you get on the BBQ and I've never even tried a McDonalds Burger. (Mostly because I don't like cheese and therefore the temptation has never been there).

However, when I was in LA a few years ago I tried an In-N-Out burger. It was thin, the bun was squishy and it felt like naughty delicious food. English burgers seem to be more like the big BBQ ones.

I was interested to see how the "American burgers in England" compared against the "American Burgers in America".

Last Sunday we visited Five Guys for one reason and one reason only....They have these CocaCola Freestyle Machines which allow you to have any fizzy drink and add any flavour. We found these in Florida and I literally became a cherry and vanilla coke addict. Vanilla Coke is good. Cherry Coke is good. TOGETHER is a whole new level.

So we went in, got our drinks, drunk our drinks, got free refills and then felt peckish. I'd been to ShakeShack before (in Covent Garden market) but Jess hadn't experienced their burgers before. We got the best of both worlds and took our Cherry Vanilla Cokes to ShakeShack.

At ShakeShack you queue up and pick the type of burger you want. They looked down on us a bit for bringing our own drinks but heyho. You are then given a plastic device and when it buzzes you go and collect your food.

I want for a ShackBurger with no cheese. It is described as "100% Aberdeen Angus Beef, grass fed on Scottish pastures. A cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and shacksauce" (basically a mayonnaise).

It was pretty good, but a bit big and meaty for my taste, not like the thin ones I had in America at all.... the chips were good though. I like crinkly chips.

The pro of ShakeShack is that they serve wine. I think that is a definite plus!

Also they serve Concretes...this is dense frozen custard blended at high speed with "mix ins".

Mix ins include marshmallow sauce, peanut butter, brownie chunks, chocolate chunks, strawberry puree, fudge sauce, fruit etc etc.

A few months ago I had the "Concrete Jungle" Vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, fresh banana and peanut butter sauce! It was GOOD!

My recommendation would be go to shake shack for wine and a concrete. Skip the burgers. But don't skip the concretes! They also do treats for dog so you can take your pet with you!

This Sunday (I feel a theme developing) I visited Five Guys with my Uncle Bill, as we were going to the cinema in Leicester Square at 2pm. I had the Little Bacon Burger with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, and grilled mushrooms:

And Uncle Bill had the Bacon Cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and grilled onions:

Now I was impressed. Not only did I get my Cherry Vanilla Coke, but I got a thin delicious burger with mushrooms on...who would have thought, mushrooms on a burger is GENIUS.

 The difference between a "Little" Burger and a "Regular" Burger is that a little burger is just one "patty" aka actual meat burger in your bun. The Regular Burger is two. I felt that the Little Burger was enough for me personally.

The bacon in both our burgers was perfect crisp streaky American bacon, not like when you have bacon in an English burger and it is back bacon that is cooked to be pink not crispy. You can also pick as many toppings as you want on your burger:

I disagree with you Jess (who said ShakeShack's burger and chips were better) I preferred Five Guys. Plus their chips (which were a huge portion) were those kind of soft squishy chips which I really like.

I think if I had a choice I would go for a Five Guys burger and chips, a Five Guys drink (Uncle Bill tried the Raspberry Sprite, also very good!) and then a Concrete from ShakeShack. Maybe the solution is to go to Five Guys for lunch and ShakeShack for pudding?!

My vote is therefore for Five Guys. Hands down!!

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