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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

There is a profile on Twitter called @everydaysexism and it has really made me realise how much sexism we are exposed to everyday! (Get ready for a rant...)

Scrolling through the tweets below are a few that caught my eye:

I don't want this to come across as super arrogant, but I experience "Everyday Sexism" everyday.

Since moving to Battersea I've tried my hardest to walk to and from work everyday, which is about 40 minutes each way.

The section of the journey before I cross Vauxhall Bridge is currently undergoing a lot of construction. Obviously the building work is going on around the Power Station and the stretch between the Power Station and St George's Wharf at Vauxhall is also being worked on, with a lot of new sections of flats being built.

Every single Mother F-ing day when I walk past the construction sites, men stare, men suck on their teeth and make a really strange noise (what a way to impress a woman), and they wolf whistle and shout out at me.

Walking past a building site, I would expect such things (and awfully I accept it - as do most women, we can't do anything about it so why kick up a fuss). But it is when cyclists and people walking past shout at me or call out "abuse" (which I'm sure they think is complimentary) that it really gets on my nerves. At least the builders are at work and hopefully couldn't follow me down the street, but cyclists and walkers could.

I don't think its right that at 8am in the morning I should be harassed. I should be preparing for my day and getting on with my walk in peace. Especially as I'm not even dressed provocatively! I work in an office...not a strip club!

Have you ever seen a girl shout out at a man? I haven't and I never would do so myself. Maybe some girls do but I really don't feel like it is as common. Correct me if I am wrong.

My worst example of Everyday Sexism, I tweeted about and @everydaysexism favourited it:

I will explain the story in one sec, but before that look at what some guy replied to my tweet!!


So here is my worst Everyday Sexism encounter so far.

I got a letter from the bank stating that there had been changes to my account. I therefore rung them to say "Hey, I actually don't have an account with you, so why are you writing to me?". I was told that I did have an account from when I was a child which had been accruing interest over the past 12 years and I needed to go to a branch to close the account and retrieve my money. I was obviously pretty pleased about this as it was money I didn't know I had!

So I went to the bank....they told me that my account want dormant as it hadn't been used in so long and I had to go to speak to one of the Bank Advisers about making my account available.

The "Bank Adviser" was about 27 I would say? And seemed pretty cocky. Firstly he asked for my ID to check that I was who I said I was (fair enough) and he took a copy of it which he said he had to send off to open my account. He then started asking me about where I worked, what job I did etc etc. All questions which were a bit personal and were delaying the opening of my account!

He then gave me his card and had written his mobile in pen on it. He asked me whether I had a boyfriend and I (obviously lied) and said I did. He asked me how long we had been together (6 months) and whether he "treated me good". I said of course he did and he replied with "I bet I would treat you better". I then started to walk away and he asked me to go for a drink. I said "I don't think my boyfriend would like that" and he replied with "I wasn't asking your boyfriend". I then asked when my account would be open and he said to find that out I would have to call his mobile!!!

Not even joking, this genuinely happened.

I wasn't going to complain I just accepted it (which is bad of me). But after a week, I called the bank and they said no action had been taken to open my account.

This guy had taken a copy of my ID and therefore knew where I lived (which worried me a bit) and then hadn't even bothered to open my account for me! I wouldn't have complained if the account had been opened but he was going downnnnn! So I complained...about three times and went into the bank to speak to a female member of staff who promptly closed my account and gave me my money. I was also told that he could have done that on the spot in the first place.

They gave me £25 for the inconvenience...and this guy still works there.

Let me know your stories of "Everyday Sexism" in the comments below. I'm sorry to have a ranting blog like this, but this Twitter Profile has really made me think. Also a disclaimer...I'm sure men experience sexism too..I just don't think it is to the same extreme!

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