A Sister Sleepover

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Sister from another Mr came to visit my new flat this weekend for a sleepover.

Jess and I have been friends for 13 years:


Right I need to stop myself right now because I literally have a billion pictures of us and that is not what this blog is about, plus if you have read any of my Florida posts you will know what she looks like!

On Saturday afternoon I had lunch with my cousins Grace and Ella (and our Mummys). I have three cousins (all on my Dad's side) Ella and then Grace and Lucy who are sisters. Lucy is off having what appears to be an amazingggg time in Asia at the moment so couldn't attend. 
We all now live in London and actually get to meet up as cousins which is so nice.

That evening Jess came up to my flat carrying a masssiveeee present. For MEEE! I love a present! I opened it and saw the coolest thing EVER:

A big canvas for my wall :)

She also bought oreo cadburys chocolate (my new weakness) and champagne - she knows the way to my heart!

After the present opening and flat tour we popped to the shops to get some dinner. If you are having a sleepover with your bestie you need trashy food which is preferably American. Most people go for pizza but we like vegetables too much so we ended up with ribs, corn on the cob and broccoli. We LOVE broccoli! 

We spent dinner catching up on our lives and planning our trip to DisneyLand Paris for Halloween! At Halloween they decorate the whole of DisneyLand to be Halloween themed and all the villain characters are in the parade along with Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas....can't wait!

We had already prepared ourselves by getting changed into our matching PJs and the next step was a great film...Grease!

It was then time for a Face Mask. It IS a sleepover so it has to be done...

We used the Lush Cupcake Face Mask:
Jess had read a review saying that it smelt good enough to eat...it smells kind of like a mix between peppermint and chocolate but definitely not good enough to eat. It also contains quite a few large lumps so is tricky to apply. I am not sure I would repurchase, but apparently the Lush Blueberry Face Mask is a really good alternative. Another thing to note is that you have to keep the Face Mask in the fridge...which makes it REALLY cold when you apply it which isn't the most pleasurable thing. We waiting about 20 minutes for the Face Mask to harden and then bailed...making my sink quite brown in the process.
Our faces were really soft afterwards though so it obviously does work.

You will note in the above picture that Jess is drinking a glass of red wine. The girl who drank a CocaCola at a steak restaurant in Florida whilst I enjoyed my glass of red. I converted her and I am soooo GLAD! Now we can drink red wine in Paris :)

After Grease we continued making Disney plans and I fell asleep on the sofa...a successful sleepy sleepover.

On Sunday we woke up, made an Iced Coffee 
(Check out my blog to know how:)

and then started on making American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup mmmmm

We had a couple of issues with this:

The first being that Tesco had no streaky bacon. And back bacon is most definitely not American!
Secondly the recipe I used for the pancakes was different to the one I've used in the past and it was too runny (hence their funny shape!)

It all tasted great, but I'm not going to provide the recipe because it didn't work perfectly.
I will try again another day!

We spent the afternoon wandering through Covent Garden drinking Cherry and Vanilla Coke from Five Guys (GO AND GET ONE NOWWWW) and eating Shake Shack burgers. A great afternoon, even if we did get rained on!

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