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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Today I am spending the day packing and cleaning my flat. My new flat completes on Friday so fingers crossed nothing goes wrong between now and then and then I will spend next weekend moving!

I know everyone says buying a house is stressful but I didn't realise quite how much!! No one seems to have any sense of urgency apart from me! Anyway it's finally coming together :)

Yesterday I went to Wireless festival with my friend. Check out her blog if you are into sportiness and makeup combined! Iamaneesha.blogspot

This year Wireless was held at Finsbury Park (last year was at the Olympic Park). It was a much better location this year, especially as I live on the Victoria Line!

Army boots from eBay (sorry not branded), denim shorts from Forever 2, body from misguided and my bindi! Aneesha actually gave me this so I don't know where you get them... India??

We arrived at about 1.30 and saw a couple of "unknown" (to me anyway) bands. In between each band there was a dj, so we started the afternoon by just lying in the sun - luckily I wore a bikini under my body so I just pulled my body down and wore my bikini all day.

After a while we for peckish and went on the hunt for food - there are a million options to chose from! We went to Wrappers Delight and were not disappointed! Chicken chorizo halloumi BBQ sauce salad all in a wrap? Yum! I recommend!

It was then time for Iggy - my girllll Iggy! Literally I love her she is so cool. She sung some of her old stuff as well as new and then she bought out Rita Ora (who I also love) to sing Black Widow. 

It was then Tinie Tempah's turn. We wanted to get to the front for Kanye so we thought this would be a good time to queue for the loos! The queues were seriouslyyy long! So we didn't actually see Tinie, we just sang along in the queue.

Next was Pharrell and although I find the Happy song really annoying the rest of his set was so good. He sung some of the old NERD stuff that everyone was loving and also new stuff. I liked that he mixed in songs that weren't his as well, the kinds of songs which get everyone up and singing... Still not sure about his hats though.
We had got quite a good spot for Pharrell so we stuck there for the next hour to wait for Kanye West. The only issue was people were drunk by this time and everyone was shoving to get to the front - I had a drink spilt on me and had my bum pinched so I wasn't that impressed. This pic is before the bum pinching started!,

 By the time Kanye came on we just embraced it and jumped about shoving like the rest of them! I think Kanye seems like quite an aggressive person and he was encouraging the shoving so heyho we got into the spirit of things! He did some great songs and we were all loving it.... Then he took at least 20 minutes to just chat about how the media portrays him and how he is a celebrity. It was really awkward! If he hadn't done that he could have fitted in way more songs. He didn't do Niggas in Paris which is my fave or Golddigger so I wish he's just shut up about "the media". 

He also wore this really creepy mask the whole time! I think he's a very odd person.... Apart from that he was brilliant whenever he did an actual song!

Getting home was tricky because of the number of people getting on the tube but that is always going to happen - once we were on the tube it was fine.

All in all a super successful day - such a good event! Much more my kind of festival than something like Glastonbury. I even got a bit of a tan :)

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