Moving in and a date night..

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

On Saturday night, I had a date night. 

This sounds really weird but I don't like eating in front of men until I really know them. I spoke to one of my friends about it and she is the same, so it isn't just me, but it isn't really very normal.

I have this fear that if a man sees me eat they will think I'm fat. Bit ridiculous but heyho. Once I've done it once it gets easier and then I don't think about it any more. Does anyone else feel like this? If you do comment below and make me feel a bit more normal! was the first time eating in front of him, so a big step but I actually didn't think about it once I had taken the first bite!

I moved into my flat on Saturday with a HUGE amount of help from my parents. We drove two cars full of stuff up to London, stopped on the Purley Way in Croydon to get some furniture and then managed to get all of the stuff into my flat all within about 5 hours. There was no way I could have done it without them, especially as it was SUCH a hot day! If you're interested below is the furniture I bought!

The green cushions are going to be slate grey and the purple ones are sky blue

My dreammm bed! In Kingsize, in the colour in the top picture not the browny one in the main picture.

And then a regular double bed for the spare room. Nothing too exciting.

Two sections of the flat are ready now, my living room (minus the fact it has no furniture!) and my dressing room/make-up room. 
The photo above the fireplace is one my Daddy took, how talented is he! 

I already have a red chesterfield swivel chair so I am going to put that in here and paint my make-up draws red rather than pink.

Anyway! Once my parents had left I showered off all the grossness of moving and got ready for dinner. I picked this white off the shoulder dress:

An absolute BARGAIN. It is now sold out in most sizes though :(

and wore it with flat sandals from H&M (too hot and too far for heels!)

I then went for golden toned eye-shadows from my Naked Urban Decay palette, with lots of highlighter (highbeam by benefit) and bronzer (Bobbi Brown). The perfect sunny, holiday feeling make-up.

Sorry/not sorry that I'm such a poser.

I met him at his, we had a drink in a really cute pub and then we headed to Odette's for dinner. I'd never actually been to Primrose Hill before and don't have much experience in the North of London but I loved it. Such a nice area and I would definitely recommend the restaurant.

We sat at the back of the restaurant for a gin and tonic whilst our table (outside under a canopy) became available. It was so nice to sit outside when the weather was so warm!

I didn't take pictures of the food or anything as it feels a bit awkward, plus I didn't actually even think about it!! - Distracted!

To start I had the marinated scallop, pear, mooli and carmarthen ham and he had the glazed pork cheek, apple and lobster bisque. I tried his as well (and obviously let him try mine) and I must say they were both really good. I don't even know what a mooli is to be honest but whatever it was it was yum.

Then for our main courses I had the roast monkfish, asparagus, gem lettuce and salted grapes and he had the braised beef in ale, smoked mashed potato, carrot and cep. I tried both and I must say his was seriously good. I'm glad I went for the fish though, nice and light on a boiling hot evening. 

All four of the dishes we ate were so beautifully presented and the evening was definitely a success.

It's certainly a romantic date place so go on, take your girl there and treat her well ;)

Lots of love


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