Home-made Peanut Butter Cups

Monday, 28 July 2014

In case you haven't noticed, I like American Sweeties and goodies and everything American. 

One of my favourite American treats are Reese's Peanut Butter cups! Yum Yum!

Now if I say so myself, I make goodddd peanut butter cups! I made them for the first time about three years ago and took a box of them to a bbq. Not sure it was the best idea to take them somewhere warm as they got a bit melty but they all disappeared pretty quickly.

I spent the entire weekend painting my flat various shades of grey:
It was too hot to paint in clothes! I am actually wearing a bikini though...not quite as naked as I look!

So I thought I would be just a bit more domestic and make some treats to take to work. 

Here is my recipe :) I am one of those geeks who has their own recipe book with everything written out. 

Now if you are a lucky girl like me and have a Kitchen Aid then fit your paddle attachment to your mixer. If not get out your mixing bowl and wooden spoon.

Oo sooo prettyyyyy :)

Then gather together your ingredients for the peanut butter cup base:
50g Dark Brown Sugar
200g Icing Sugar
50g Butter
200g Smooth Peanut Butter

 And put this all in your mixer...not exactly a healthy treat I'm afraid

Mix this all up and get covered in an icing sugar cloud...

It should turn into a doughy mixture which you can roll into balls:

Next prepare your cupcake cases. You can either make lots of little ones if you have mini cupcake cases or do what I do and make regular cupcake case ones...who wants a mini one anyway!
The little moulds are chocolate moulds. At Easter I make Easter eggs and then fill them with those chocolates (#domesticgodess...)...turns out they don't work as well with peanut butter cups as they do with chocolates. The peanut butter mixture gets stuck in the indents. Next time I will put a bit of chocolate in the bottom first and then I think they will work...

ANYWAY. Roll your peanut butter mixture into balls and squish down so that it is a flat disc which will fit in the bottom of a cupcake mould:

Fill all your cases...

And put in the fridge.

I left them in the fridge for about half an hour whilst I painted another section of skirting board! But I think 10 minutes is enough.

Next the chocolate. 
200g Milk Chocolate
100g Dark Chocolate

Melt it all together...

And spoon over your peanut butter discs. About one tablespoon per cupcake case. Then put in the fridge until the chocolate is set. I left mine overnight and then took them to work the next day.

Now if you are going to be a good girl (or boy) and not put on the 11 pounds of weight you have lost...Put the bowl in the sink...

And fill it with water... 

DO NOT LICK THE BOWL. But that is only if you are a boring person like me...if you don't give a f**k go ahead and lick that bowl cleannnnn!

Much better to wait for the real thing anyway! Yum Yum. So easy to make and you don't even need an oven!

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