Gamberetti Alla Diavola - Recipe

Thursday, 31 July 2014

On 28th May I blogged about one of my favourite restaurants in London - Porchetta Pollo in Soho

Whenever I go there I either eat Fusilli alla Campagnola (a pasta dish with broccoli, chilli and Italian sausage) or Gamberetti alla Diavolla (prawns with garlic, chilli, mushrooms white wine and chopped tomatoes).

When I previously blogged about this place I had Fusilli alla Campagnola for dinner.

This time it is all about Gamberetti alla Diavolla...a home-made version!

My BEST boyfriend (sorry Oli I can't help it) came over for dinner on Monday night to see my new place, so we drunk prosecco and cooked up this brilliant dish.

For this dish which serves 2 people generously you need:

One pack of king prawns
A large handful of cherry tomatoes
Two big mushrooms or a handful of little ones
One tin of chopped tomatoes
A teaspoon of chopped garlic
A teaspoon of chopped chilli (or more if you like it spicy!)
Olive oil
A glass of white wine
A few leaves of basil.
A loaf of crusty bread

This is one of those dishes that doesn't need measurements which makes it feel relaxed and very Italian indeed!

First of all heat up a glug of olive oil and throw in your garlic and chilli. Don't have the pan too hot because burnt garlic is nastyyyy. I used these gourmet garden squeezy tubes because it is sooo easily. Plus I wear contacts so having chilli on my hands it a bad idea PLUS the smell of garlic on my fingers makes me want to DIE!

Next chop up your mushrooms. And have a nice glass of prosecco (mandatory).

Fry your mushrooms in the garlicky chilli mixture until they shrink, turn darker brown and soft.
Whilst the mushrooms are cooking chop all your cherry tomatoes in half and then throw these in the pan. 

Cook these until they start to soften and then pour in the glass of white wine.

Let the sauce bubble a bit to burn off a bit of the alcohol and then pour in your chopped tomatoes. 

Let this simmer and reduce a bit so it is nice and thick...

Whilst this reduced pop your bread in the oven to warm up. Sometimes I make home-made bread but as this is one of those quick easy meals I generally buy a loaf!

Then throw in some chopped up basil and your prawns.

Continue to cook until the prawns are warmed up

And it is done!

How romantic and yummy! 

If you are with civilised company slice the warm bread...if you are with your bestie tear at it with your hands!

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