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Monday, 7 July 2014

You may or may not know but I am a massive Game of Thrones fan. Like, the biggest fan EVER! I have a Daenerys outfit, I have a House Stark patterned dress and I've read all the books....a fan.

Yesterday was the most exciting moment in my Game of Thrones Life! I will go on to explain...

It all started when my friend's boyfriend Matt asked whether anyone was a Game of Thrones fan... I clearly piped up and he showed me a video of Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), he had seen her before I arrived and spoken to her...

More to come later!

Anyway my friend Parisa is in a band called Only The Young. Look them up on twitter!

They were playing at British Summer Time in Hyde Park so my friend Zahra who is Parisa's sister (and works with the band) got us VIP Guest Tickets (Thanks Zahra LOVE YOU!!!).

We arrived at about 1.30pm and headed straight to see Only The Young who were performing at 2pm.

Because of the lighting my pictures didn't turn out the best so here is the picture from their Twitter (Zahra let me know if I'm not allowed to use it!) . The band is made up of two girls (Parisa and Betsy) and two boys (Mikey and Charlie). 

They are really good and it is so exciting to see Parisa on stage! Last weekend they played at the Capital Summer Time Ball. Below is the video!

After seeing the band perform we went to the Barclaycard VIP Summer Garden to sit and have a drink. The Summer Garden was so nice with comfy chairs and massive bean bags for people to lie in the sun. It was so nice to be in such a civilised area! We had a cider and then considered our food options! There were really nice food stalls in this section and we settled on Hix's Fish Dog. A battered piece of cod in the lightest crispiest batter with mushy peas in a hotdog bun....genius! 

We were getting up to leave and go get ice creams and who plonks their bum in our seat!? Pat Sharp from Funhouse! Now I met Pat back in about 2010 at a bar in London where he was DJing. I got in the DJ booth and had a photo with him. We sat and chatted with him for a while and I was slightly offended that he didn't remember me...I'm memorable right? I'm sure he doesn't have thatttt many girls asking for pictures?? Anyway I asked for another! Here is the old and the new. Pretty sure I look better now! I look absolutely gross but for the sake of comparison I've put the picture in! Lets just focus on the fact that I look nicer now.

We then went and watched The Vamps who I hadn't really heard of before but really enjoyed. Whilst watching them my friend got a text saying that her Mum had just had a picture with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark). Matt and I set out to find her! (Not in a creepy way!) She was about 4 feet away so it wasn't hard to find her. We spoke to her for a bit and said what fans we were. She was so polite and sweet and we told her that Matt had seen Maisie. She didn't know Maisie was there so she text her. We then apologised for bothering her, had a picture taken with her then left her alone!

She is so stylish!

We carried on watching The Vamps and then headed back to the Summer Garden. Matt decided he wanted Sophie to sign his shirt and I convinced him that it would be more fun if she signed his arm and he got it tattooed on. Not sure he will be going through with that one - seemed like a good idea though! We went and sat with her for a bit and chatted about Game of Thrones, Glastonbury etc. Shockingly she told us that she's never watched the Red Wedding episode. I kind of understand why! Maisie turned up and we all had a group picture :)

I then did what any sane person would have done....urmmm...and got my boobs signed. 

Not even sorry about that!

The Vamps turned up in the Garden at this point and all these girls rushed past us to see them and get their signature. I was like do you even know who you've just pushed past to get to The Vamps?? These are the Starks!

After we had finished pestering Sophie and Maisie we went to watch Backstreet Boys. They were SOOOO GOOD. I freaking love the Backstreet Boys!

I left before the end of their set because I went to see My Malteser, I therefore missed McBusted, but I stand by my choice :)

Such a great day with these gorgeous girls!! LOVED IT!

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