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Friday, 18 July 2014

So as I've just spent a ridiculous amount of money on a flat, (which completed todayyyyyy) I'm not really meant to be going shopping... But online shopping doesn't count, and shopping in Boots doesn't count? It's toiletries, you need them...right?

Here are my purchases from Wednesday :)

Expert face brush from real techniques
Flick it eyeliner by Sleek
Good choker from asos
Rose gold side cross necklace from asos
My salsa shoes also arrived but I didn't take a picture as I put one in my salsa blog post

Expert face brush - Real Techniques
I have read so much about the Real Techniques brushes and watched lots of youtube reviews. The brushes are made by Samantha Chapman who is a makeup artist and also makes youtube videos showing you how to use each brush. I think that's such a good idea, promoting your product and showing everyone how to use it right.

After much deliberation I got the expert face brush which is for liquid foundation and leaves a flawless base. I've used it twice now and then used my beauty blender for my concealer. I'm not sure which I prefer for my foundation, the beauty blender or the brush. Both leave a really good finish. I've always used my fingers to apply my base so either one makes such a difference. I think I need a bit longer to work out what my preference is. For now I'm going to use the brush for foundation and then the beauty blender to blend out my concealer and highlighter - best of both worlds. Who else loved that song, before Miley went mental!? Just me?

Flick it eyeliner - Sleek
My friend Jess told me about Sleek makeup. I'd seen it on beauty blogs but assumed it was an American brand. Turns out it's in superdrug (although I got mine from boots). Their blushes are really pigmented and matte which makes them feel more high end, and you can get a palette of 12 eyeshadow for 12 pounds! Bargain. I bought the eyeliner because the liquid eyeliner I have currently is a bit crap. This eyeliner has a really thin nib which means getting it close to your lash line is easy. This is something I struggle with as my lash extensions make it hard to get right to the line.

 My only problem which this eyeliner is the formula. It's a bit thin and needs a couple of coats. Not my best purchase but not my worst. I plan to purchase some of the eyeshadows and blushes as I think they will be better!

Asos gold choker
This is adjustable dependant on the thickness of your neck! I always thought my neck was quite slim but I have to have this on nearly the loosest setting, so if you have a thick neck I wouldn't recommend as it's quite small. I like it though, especially if you layer it with other necklaces. I haven't worn my LWFS necklace in a while, it's gone a bit tarnished as I wore it in the shower so I bought a new one (H&M alphabet necklace, it comes with all the letters so you can spell anything) but the clasp on the new one is broken and I didn't round to taking it back so now I'm stuck with it. I don't really want to buy a third but I might have to because I loveeee it.

Went off on a tangent a bit there...

Not sure why I look sunburnt.. I'm not! I've been stuck in the office all week!

Asos rose gold side cross necklace
I didn't realise this would be rose gold, I wanted it to match the choker but I'm just wearing them together anyway. In contrast I wish the chain on this one was a bit shorter. I love the design though I've been looking for a side cross for ages, not that I'm particularly religious!

Unfortunately both are out of stock now.

Salsa shoes
I love my new salsa shoes! It makes it so much easier to spin as they have suede bottoms. I think they are half a size too big, even though I ordered my normal size, but it wasn't a problem in the lesson last night, it's not like I'm falling out of them. They were cheap so I didn't expect too much! Lots of salsa shoes are about £80 and these were £30.. Bargain.

My next purchase....

Obviously I need to buy furniture, but I saw this ring yesterday and really want it! Moving in present to myself?? Might need to be done.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I was in Kent today and it was beautiful!

Lots of love


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