Wedding Prep

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Wedding is tomorrow!! Eep! 

We have had a full on pamper day. I started at 8.30am by getting eyelash extensions. I had these done about 6 weeks ago and literally loved them but as I went to Florida I missed out on getting my infills! They all fell out in Florida so unfortunately I had to get a whole new set today.

I looked into getting lash extensions in London but I figured it would be cheaper at home in Sussex. I paid £60 for a classic set of synthetic mink lash extensions. It is £25 for an infill which is about every three weeks.

Mink lashes sounds a bit funny but basically then brush the mink like you would a cat and then the hair that comes off in the brush is used as lash extensions. The mink hair is really fine and soft, hence people wear mink fur! I wanted the real mink ones but they are £10 more expensive so I figured I would get synthetic. I find the synthetic ones fine, they aren't heavy or anything.

I went to Wicked Lashes in Ifield.

A lady called Mary has a salon room in her house and she asked me what length I wanted etc when I arrived. As I wear glasses we went for 10mm with a couple of 12mm ones on the outer edges. I wanted something quite natural looking - not like TOWIE!

She is really nice and took about two hours on mine today rather than an hour and a half as she wanted them to look really nice for the wedding.

Your bottom lashes are stuck down with a kind of masking tape (which doesn't hurt) and then you close your eyes. She then applies an individual lash to each of your individual lashes. The lashes aren't glued to your skin like regular strip fake lashes. This means that when your natural lash falls out the synthetic one attached to it will fall out too. The whole process as I said takes about an hour and a half. You are left with amazing lashes though which don't need mascara!

Overexcited faceeeeee.

I would recommend lash extensions I really like them and it means when you wake up in the morning you already look presentable. 

I love them!

Anyways then I drove to The Maid of Honours salon to get my nails done and have a haircut.  I had a gel French manicure and we had Buck's Fizz and naughty M&S snacks...mmmm. 

The Salon is called Bellamie and is in Handcross.

The salon is so gorgeous with big wooden beams and they do spa services as well as hair and nails. I had my eyebrows done once there and it literally changed my whole face! Definitely recommend this salon and I'm not just saying that because I'm going to be related to the owner! 

After my haircut (just a teeny trimmmm) I went home to see my Grandma who had just arrived. We had lunch and then my mum and I went to help with he marquee. The marquee looks stunning, the girls have made everything by hand and put so much effort in! Tomorrow is going to be the most incredible day, I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight! Maybe this gin and elderflower tonic will help numnumnummmmm.

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